Chemical Processing

ESONE® Protection solution is component in applications including non-metallic expansion joint, tank liner, floating roof seal, roll cover, spray shield, protective face shield, chemical pump diaphragms and rupture disc. They minimize the loss of vapour emission into the environment and also provide containment to prevent fuel losses and the risk of fire.

ESONE Teflon coated fabric has high mechinical strength, excellent flexibility, strong chemical resistance and can operate continulously in extreme working environment. Chemicals can be stored and transported by using ESONE fabric with superior reliability property.


  • Floating Roof Sealing

ESONE® is offering the flexible Teflon fiberglass composites material for satisfying demands for chemical compatibility and reduce vapor emissions, making the petroleum storage tanks safer. In the floating roof storage system, the loss of vapor into the atmosphere is limited by ESONE Teflon non porous fabric. And Teflon coated flexible sheet can be used as containment liners in the storage system.

These non porous and flexible Teflon fabric composite is the superior support for long life time and high reliability in storage, containment and chemical processing.

Applications of ESONE fabric is including coverings, wipers, vapor barriers and sealswiper tips, leg socks, tubes, strut coverings, tank linings, bladders, gauge pole sleeves and geomembrane liners. All our material is UV resistant, flexible, flame resistant and anti-static.

  • Tent & tray for storage of dangerous goods

ESONE Fluorine impregnated fiberglass fabric is the excellent solution for the storage of corrosive, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. By fabricating these flexible fabric into tent or tray, it can offer superior reliability for the storage of dangerous goods.

These fabric is flexible, non stick, chemical resistant, flame resistant and environmental resistant, ESONE’s product can offer long lasting property and superior reliability property.

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