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Textile Manufacturing

ESONE’s product is apply to a large range of textile manufacturing, such as garment fusing, digital printing and drying, textile lamination, non woven fabrics manufacturing, casting and curing process, carpet flooring mat manufacturing.

Our product is offering long lasting and high performance, in order to maximum customers’ equipment up time and improve the quality of product.


  • Non woven fabric manufacturing

The heat resistant and non stick PTFE coated belt, is the critical feature of the thermal bonding process of non woven manufacturing.

During the drying process, the cotton with or without glue, the fiber with low melting point need to be dried and cured, then a PTFE mesh belt or PTFE heavy duty belt will be needed.

  • Digital Printing and Drying

Digital printing is a modern way to print pattern, different from traditional printing, digital printing minimize the printing cost and speed up the printing time.

PTFE mesh conveyor belt is used in the digital printing and drying, since PTFE mesh belt is Non stick, heat resistant, easy to install and cost-effective.

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Fusing process is a important method of fabric joining in apparel manufacturing, this process is used to attach the interlining of shirt or outwear. By melting the resin coating of interlining into fabric under heat pressure, both fabric and interlining will be attached strongly when it becomes cool and hard.

For the fusing machines, every operators are allocated to the PTFE Endless Belt, this no joint Teflon conveyor belts allows exact positioning of the parts. Fusing machines are also used in the furniture and automotive industry for applying knitted spacer, foams or non-woven fabrics to leather.


ESONE® PTFE mesh belts are coated with high quality PTFE resin, the basic material is woven open mesh fiberglass or aramid fabric (like Kevlar) or Nomax. The main applications is screen printing, drying industry,packaging industry, textile industry, wood processing industry and so on, which is used as heat resistant and non stick conveyor belt to transport materials through ovens. PTFE open mesh fabric is FDA & LFGB certificated, can be used in direct contact with food.

PTFE mesh fabric for Textile manufacturing
StyleMesh Size
Tensile Strength Warp/Fill
YS60011x1Single weftBrown/White440430/285
YS60034x4Single weftBlack540300/440
YS60044x4Single weftBrown540300/440
YS60084x4Double weftBrown575370/690
YS6008S4x4Double weft
Stronger fiberglass yarn
YS6008HS4x4Double weft
Much stronger fiberglass yarn
YS60124x4Double weftBlack600300/690
YS6016S2x4Stronger fiberglass yarnBrown//

PTFE Heavy Belting is heavily coated with PTFE for use in the carpet industry, this PTFE fabrics has great release properties and long life times.

With different structural weaving types, ESONE is offering several types of impression to the finished products.

The applications including rubber curing in ovens, walk off mats producing, Luxury vinyl tile manufacturing, PVC backed carpets and so on.

PTFE Heavy Belt for Textile Manufacturing
StyleStandard Width(mm)  
Please ask for other widths
Normal Thickness
PTFE Content
Tensile Strength Warp/Fill
YS9035AJ1000, 1500, 26000.3568064540/508
YS9045AJ1000, 1500, 26000.4590055540/508
YS9060AJ-ESONE2500, 27600.60117050880/840
YS9076A-12350, 25500.76101543800/780
YS9095A1500, 26000.951385361200/1100

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