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Skived PTFE Film

Premium PTFE Skived Film is skived from the top quality virgin PTFE resin. This skived film is engineered to meet the request of demanding electrical, mechanical, chemical and medical applications.


  • Virgin PTFE film
  • Non-stick film with a low coefficient of friction
  • Excellent service and availability
  • Continuously working below 500°F
  • Outstanding electrical insulation properties
  • Semi-conductive fillers are available
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Thickness Range0.5 mil – 125 mil
Density2.14 – 2.19 g/cm3
Elongation300 %
Tensile Strength4,000 psi
Dielectric Strength1,680 volts/mil
Yield88.6 ft²/lb per mil

PTFE Adhesive Film

ProductProduct CategoryCoating
PTFE Skived Film Adhesive Tape Series
StyleStandard Width(mm)
Please ask for other widths
Backing Thickness
Total Thickness
Adhesion (N/cm)Temperature
Resistant (°C)
YS79085-5000.050.082.2-73 to +260
YS7908Y5-5000.050.082-43 to +160
YS79135-5000.090.133.2-73 to +260
YS7913Y5-5000.090.133-43 to +160
YS79185-5000.140.184-73 to +260
YS79255-10000.200.254.6-73 to +260
YS79305-10000.250.304.8-73 to +260
YS79505-10000.450.506-73 to +260
YS79575-10000.520.576-73 to +260

PTFE Casting Film

PTFE Casting Film is specially sintered and deposited, resulting in a very thin PTFE film which has many uniform properties that can’t be achieved by another production process.

Multi-layering produces a high performance PTFE film which is workable for the most challenging applications.

This unique process allows us to fabricate cast films ranging from 1/4 to 5 mils in thickness, meeting many agency specifications and suitable for continuous service in a wide temperature range from -320°F to +500°F.

PFA Film

PFA fluoropolymer film can work continuously under temperature 260°C/500°F, the properties of PFA film is better than any melt-processable fluoropolymer film. PFA film offers better performance than PTFE film, it is transparent and can be heat sealed, thermoformed, welded, metallized, or laminated to a wide variety of materials.

PFA film has excellent dielectric strength and highest level of chemical resistance and stress crack resistance and weatherability. This film is a great solution for application which don’t need high aesthetic standards, such as heat sealed adhesive (welding tape) application.


  • Outstanding flex life and stress
    crack resistance
  • Heat resistance up to 500°F
  • Excellent non stick surface
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Thicknesses from 0.0005″(0.0127 mm) to .010″ (0.76 mm)
  • Width up to 60″ (1,575 mm) for 0.0005″ to 0.010″
  • Available in etched surface

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