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Skived PTFE Tape YS7913

Skived PTFE Tape, manufactured from high quality virgin PTFE resins.

Skived PTFE Tape is manufactured from the highest quality virgin PTFE resins, and is designed to meet the requirement of most electrical, mechanical and industrial applications.

Once the PTFE Film been skived from PTFE resins, it will be chemically treated or etched, which will remove the fluorine surface by creating a new sodium surface. Then the heat resistant adhesive will be allowed to bond PTFE film, resulting in Teflon Skived Film with Silicone Adhesive.


Skived PTFE Tape

Skived PTFE Tape


Property of ESONE Skived PTFE Tape


★ Virgin PTFE Film

ESONE PTFE Film is skived into even thin film from a cylindrical virgin PTFE block. During the skiving, the block was fixed and rotate with a high speed, and the sharp blade will shave it into even thin film on a continuous basis.


PTFE Skived Film

PTFE Skived Film


★ Outstanding heat and chemical resistant

Even PTFE film is very thin, it still has excellent heat and chemical resistant property, non stick and easy release surface, which can continuous releasing below 260 degrees.


★ High dielectric constant

PTFE has very high dielectric constant, and PTFE Film tape is pure PTFE film, so this film is widely used as release film in LCD ACF bonding process.


Skived Teflon Film

Skived Teflon Film


★ High elongation and excellent mechanical strength

PTFE film has high elongation and excellent mechanical strength, the elongation is ranging from 100% to 600%, according to different thickness.


★ Very low force of friction

Skived PTFE tape has very low force of friction, which is also used to reduce friction between moving surfaces in non-critical applications.


Applications of PTFE Film Tape


  • Masking of critical part of silicone contamination
  • Aerospace industry, like mold release tape for composite material, sealing tape for vacuum bagging system.
  • Electronics industry for semiconductor, PCB manufacturing, cable wrapping.
  • Chemical industry, such as isolation of chemicals.
  • Noise reduce.
  • Reduce friction between moving surfaces.
  • Release film for lamination, like ACF bonding for LCD


Technical Data Sheet of Teflon Film Tape


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


Standard width
Please ask for other widths
5 - 500 mm0.2 - 19.7 inches
Backing Thickness
0.09 mm0.0035 inches
Total Thickness
PTFE Film and Silicone PSA
0.13 mm0.0051 inches
Adhesion3.2 N/cm29 oz/inches
ColorWhite or GrayWhite or Gray
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F


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