About Fusing Machines

Fusing process is a important method of fabric joining in apparel manufacturing, this process is used to attach the interlining of shirt or outwear. By melting the resin coating of interlining into fabric under heat pressure, both fabric and interlining will be attached strongly when it becomes cool and hard.

For the fusing machines, every operators are allocated to the PTFE Endless Belt, this no joint Teflon conveyor belts allows exact positioning of the parts. Fusing machines are also used in the furniture and automotive industry for applying knitted spacer, foams or non-woven fabrics to leather.


  • PTFE Endless Belt

PTFE Endless Belt is using high tensile fiberglass or Kevlar as basic material (has no joint), this endless belt is woven by special weaving equipment and coated with high quality Teflon.

Compared with the PTFE belt with joints, it overcomes the phenomenon of easy fracture at the interface joint of the conveyor belt in the past and has better bending fatigue resistance and durability.

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Standard thickness : 0.35mm – 0.55mm

Surface                      : Normal or Anti-static

Maximum width     :  1600mm

Standard length is as follows:

Standard Length of PTFE Endless Belt
  • PTFE Belt with Joint

PTFE belt with joint for fusing machine is using 0.40mm thick Anti-static PTFE fabric as belt material, and make Butt, finger or overlap joint.

This belt is cost effective and can be made into large belt greater than 6700mm long, but the belt material must has high mechanical strength since the fusing machine is continuous running, and the surface must without any defect in order to ensure the quality of product.

We are commit ourselves to manufacture long lasting and high performance PTFE coated fabric.


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