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Silicone Baking Mats

Cook’s Aid® perfect silicone baking mats are must-have baking accessory for all bakers, it is designed for home baking and commercial baking. Our non stick silicone baking mat is workable for every kinds of baking tray or oven.

Cook’s Aid product never need greasing and can replace one time use parchment paper, it will save your money and time by using Cook’s Aid mat, the waste in our environment is also reduced.

Cook’s Aid® Silicone baking mats are perfect ideal for use when baking pastries, cookies, biscuit and also preparation with sugar and salt.

This silicone mats are made of liquid platinum silicone coated with fiberglass fabric, which is non stick, food grade, FDA & LFGB certificated.

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GN1/1 315mm*520mm fit a sheet pan with 325mm*530mm

GN1/2 520mm*640mm fit a sheet pan with 530mm*650mm

US half size 295mm*420mm fit a sheet pan with 330mm*460mm

US full size 420mm*620mm fit a sheet pan with 460mm*660mm

Medium size 240mm*365mm fit a sheet pan with 260mm*390mm

Toaster oven size 200mm*275mm fit a sheet pan with  203mm*280mm

Any sizes of the Silicone Baking Sheet could be customized to fit your sheet pan!

Silicone Crispy Mat

Cook’s Aid® perfect silicone crispy mat is coated by special technology, which results in a non stick but breathable surface, it will satisfy your bread cravings by using Cook’s Aid non stick baking mat.

This silicone bread mat can allow hot air circulation, make bread, pizza and all dough types food crispy.

Cook’s Aid non stick silicone crispy mat is workable for oven, microwave, freezer and is also dishwasher safe.

11-5/8” x 16-1/2” (29.5cm x 41.9cm)

11.8” x 15.75” (30cm x 40cm)

9” round pizza baking mat (22.9 cm round)

11” round pizza baking mat (28cm round)

12″ round pizza baking mat (30.5cm round)

Any sizes of Silicone crispy mat can be made.

Silicone Pastry Mat

Cook’s Aid® perfect silicone pastry mat is a non stick and heat resistant working mat, this silicone mat is similar to Cook’s Aid non stick silicone baking mat, but is has thinner surface and has special anti slip backside, which prevent it from slipping around during preparation of baking.

This Silicone pastry mat has several classical artwork, which has round pan sizes, working temperature and several recipe.

Standard sizes:

23 inches x 31 1/2 inches | 58.4 cm x 80 cm

15 3/4 inches x 23 1/2 inches | 40cm x 60cm

16 1/2 inches x 24 1/2 inches | 41.9cm x 62.2cm

23 1/2 inches x 35 1/2 inches | 60cm x 90cm

Any other sizes is available

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Silicone Bread Form

Cook’s Aid silicone bread form is designed for home bakers, restaurant or bakery, this mold make fresh bread baked easily, and cools is very quick so you can touch the pan just few minutes after coming from the oven.

Flexible forms retain their shape even after being rolled up and stored in a small space or drawer, bakes perfectly-shaped round hamburger buns.

Don’t need grease or parchment paper any more, it is very convenient to use and clean. Silicone bread form can resist temperature from -40 to 500 degrees F.

This bread form is application for bread, hot dog, french baguette, sub roll and so on.

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