US Full Size Silicone Baking Mat

US Full Size Silicone Baking Mat

Silicone Baking Mat, Perfect for Cookies and Bread

Silicone Baking Mat is made from woven open mesh fiberglass fabric, coated with food-standard silicone on surface. Result in a Non stick and Heat resistant property because of the coating, and this silicone mat is durable as the fiberglass inside reinforced. This Food grade mat will not turn color during baking, and offer easy release and easy to clean property. Silicone pastry mat is FDA & LFGB certificated, dishwasher safe.


Why use Silicone Baking Mat?


With this baking mat, your pan will turn into a nonstick surface, especially for sticky food such as taffy, gooey dough,sugar etc.
It makes daily preparing, cooking and baking more easily.
silicone baking mat

Silicone Baking Mat


How to use Silicone Baking Sheet?


Use as normal baking mat, after using, simply wipe it off with water or dish soap. Store it to dry.
Do not cut it with metal, cutters or knives.
pastry mat silicone

pastry mat silicone, offer you an Even-Brown surface



Superior nonstick surface, easy to clean.
High temperature resistant(up to 260degrees)
Reusable for more than 5000 times.
Freezers and microwave safe.
FDA and LFGB certificated.
silicone cookie sheet liner

silicone cookie sheet liner


The main specifications


Normal Size: 20cm X 30cm, 30cm X 40cm , 30cm X 60cm
Popular color: black/red

GN1/1 315mm*520mm fit a sheet pan with 325mm*530mm

GN1/2 520mm*640mm fit a sheet pan with 530mm*650mm

US half size 295mm*420mm fit a sheet pan with 330mm*460mm

US full size 420mm*620mm fit a sheet pan with 460mm*660mm

Medium size 240mm*365mm fit a sheet pan with 260mm*390mm

Toaster oven size 200mm*275mm fit a sheet pan with  203mm*280mm

Any sizes of the Silicone Baking Sheet could be customized to fit your sheet pan!


silicone baking mat

silicone baking mat


Other specific sizes,brand name can be made according to your request.

Cook's Aid

Cook’s Aid

Cook’s Aid is a registered trademark owned by Jiangsu Esone New Material Co.,Ltd, Western End of South Third Ring Road, Taixing, Jiangsu, China.


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