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Building Material

Including curtain, floors, fire protection layer, windows and doors

ESONE PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is used in various flooring, doors & windows applications, working as release sheet or release belt for the flooring, PVC window & door material. This release sheet can work continuously below 500F degrees, and due to the high performance easy release property, ESONE process conveyor belt or sheet provides longevity, high production efficiency accompany with maximum reduce the manufacturing downtime.

ESONE PTFE fabric is the release solution for curing, lamination, compression molding, heat setting, bladder press and so on. The surface can be extreme smooth and defect free, or be textured for out-gassing.


  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a fast growing market which is famous because of the durability and aesthetic appeal. It has many competitive properties than traditional flooring options such as ceramic tile and wooden flooring.

The LVT base layer is formed through a heat and high pressure lamination of PVC crumb and glass skrim. PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is a best release sheet for LVT industry, since Teflon fabric is heat and chemical resistant during PVC melting process.

  • Floors backed with padded and cushion

With PVC or PU backed, padded and cushion backed flooring is used in artificial  turf, conventional carpet, drink mat, therapeutic pads and so on. PVC or PU formula are transported by ESONE PTFE coated conveyor belt at controlled thickness and then cured through ovens. And this padding will be easily release from ESONE PTFE belt and can be rolled for next process.

ESONE PTFE Heavy Belt is able to withstand heat during the curing process and resistant chemical foaming agents in PVC and PU.

  • Recycled rubber mat manufacturing

Because of the properties of durable and environmental resistant of crumb rubber mats, it is widely used outside of houses. Recycled rubber (such as automotive tires) are crumbed and them metered along with a TPU polyurethane onto the ESONE PTFE heavy conveyor belt, this belt will transport rubber and TPU through a heated press which will melt and mold these two materials into the desired mat style.

And weaved nylon and polyester will be added as the top of crumb rubber mat, the continuous high temperature and strong pressure will apply for the pressing cycles, which makes ESONE PTFE coated conveyor belt be the best choice for this application.

What’s more, crumb rubber mat can be easily released from ESONE belt due to the excellent non stick surface, which avoid mat been damaged and reduce the lost of less production.

  • Walk-off mat manufacturing

Walk off mat appears in our lives all the time, it suppress dirt and dust in homes, buildings and offices, aid against fatigue on the floor of factory and office.

This traditional walk off mats are made by metering uncured nitrile rubber onto ESONE PTFE coated conveyor belts, and placing woven nylon carpet on the top of nitrile rubber. After that, this mat will be heated bladder press which will bond the walk off mat topping to the nitrile rubber and cure nitrile rubber.

ESONE PTFE coated fiberglass belt will offer easy release after the curing cycle, and the texture of PTFE fabric will be marked on the surface of nitrile rubber. ESONE PTFE belt is critical in this application because of the high curing temperature of nitrile rubber, and the easy release property.

  • PVC Welded Doors & Windows

Due to the high heat insulation property, good environmental resistance and strong mechanical strength, uPVC window and door is an increasingly popular and cost effective solution for buildings around the world.

ESONE PTFE coated fabric with or without adhesive has excellent release surface and can continuously working below 260°C/500°F, this fabric is the superior solution for preventing melted PVC from sticking on welding platens.

This Teflon coated fiberglass fabric is workable in all kinds of heat plate welding process, such as V, flat and combined welding platens, including RF and microwave systems. ESONE fabric offer excellent welding plate protection and provide the long lasting non stick property.

  • Carpet yarn heat curing

ESONE PTFE dryer belt transport untreated carpet yarn through high humidity ovens, this gives carpet yarn shape memory, stain-resistance and ready for use in the next process of weaving or tufting.

PTFE coated mesh belt and PTFE coated solid belt is able to resist high temperature and high humidity environment as well as the chemical property from the yarn of PET, Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Wool and others.

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