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PTFE solid belt with joint

PTFE belt with joint is including PTFE glass belt and PTFE kevlar belt, relative to PTFE endless belt, PTFE belt with joint can made into any sizes and is cost-effective.

For the belt edge, PTFE film, PTFE glass edge or PTFE kevlar edge can be chosen.

For the belt joint, you have following choices.

  • Butt: This splices are heat sealed on the back side of belts, offering a smooth top surface.
  • Overlap: Overlap splices are the most popular joint style in many industries, and it can be enhanced for food processing industry, the length of overlap is ranging from 25 mm to 152 mm, with directional belt angles of 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees
  • Clipper: Clipper is a metal lacing. This strong and extremely flexible splice conforms well to smaller diameter pulleys
  • Alligator: Alligator splices offer exceptionally strong metal lacing. These are recommended for use with 127 mm diameter, or larger pulleys.
  • Castellated: Castellated Seal splices are flexible and can be reinforced with stitching for extra strength. Use Castellated Seal splices where metal is undesirable.
  • Finger: The ends will be cut into toothed shape, by jointing the two ends, the splice looks like finger, and this toothed shape can be customize in order to increase the tensile strength.
  • Cover Flap: covers Clipper or Alligator splice metal lacing, providing a continuous release surface.
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PTFE Belt with Joint
Belt MaterialPTFE glass fabricPTFE Kevlar fabric
Belt JointButtOverlapClipperAlligator CastellatedFinger
Belt EdgePTFE glass edgePTFE film edgePTFE Kevlar edge
Belt GuidePTFE guideKevlar guideSilicone guide
Belt PinStainless Steel PinPTFE PinAlligator Pin

PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belts including PTFE glass mesh and PTFE Kevlar mesh, the mesh size is ranging from 1×1, 2×2.5, 2×4, 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 to 10×10. The maximum width of belt is 4100mm, this belt can continuously working below 500F.

The PTFE mesh series is as follows.

  • Single weft series
  • Double weft series
  • Anti-static series
  • Stronger yarn series
  • Kevlar series
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PTFE Mesh Belt
Belt MaterialPTFE glass fabricPTFE Kevlar fabric
Belt JointBullnoseAlligatorPlastic
Belt EdgePTFE glass edgePTFE film edgePTFE Kevlar edge
Belt GuidePTFE guideKevlar guideSilicone guide
Belt PinStainless Steel PinPTFE PinAlligator Pin

PTFE Endless Belt is using high tensile fiberglass or Kevlar as basic material (has no joint), this endless belt is woven by special weaving equipment and coated with high quality Teflon. Compared with the PTFE belt with joints, it overcomes the phenomenon of easy fracture at the interface joint of the conveyor belt in the past and has better bending fatigue resistance and durability.

Standard thickness : 0.35mm – 0.55mm

Surface                      : Normal or Anti-static

Maximum width     :  1600mm

Standard length is as follows:

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Standard Length of PTFE Endless Belt

PTFE Laminated Belt

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PTFE Laminated Belt is laminated by 2 layers of PTFE coated fabric, the normal material is 2 ply of 0.08mm, 0.11mm, 0.13mm PTFE fabric and others, this fabric can be standard brown or anti-static black.

The maximum width for laminated belt is 300mm, overlap joint or finger joint is available.

ESONE can also offer holes punching service, resulting in a laminated belt (Tabber Stringer Belt) with a excellent surface.

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