ptfe laminated belt

ptfe laminated belt

PTFE Laminated Belt is made from two piecs of PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics,laminate them together in high temperature and pressure without feeling the joint.

Why use it?

Taixing Youngsun have the most advanced weaven equipment from Germany,which can weaven the seemless fiberglass or Kevlar fabrics .
Compared to normal PTFE belts, PTFE laminated belt have higher mechanical strength needed for packing,laminating and fuing industry. Its endless design ensures flow of woven and non-woven materials through process.

Properties of PTFE Laminated Belt

Superior nonstick surface enables release properties.
Operating temperature ranges from -200 degrees to 260 degrees
Dimensionall stable
Any length available
Tear resistant.
Higher intensity, longer lifetime.

Main specifications 

Normal thickness of belt: 0.14mm~ 0.50mm
Width: 20mm ~ 200mm
Color: brown/black
ptfe laminated belt endless belt jointless belt

ptfe laminated belt endless belt jointless belt

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