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Fiberglass Needle Mat

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Fiberglass Needle Mat Fiberglass Needle Mat (ESONE Temp mat) is a needled and bonded glass fiber insulation flat blanket of well-proportioned density, which provides reliable and outstanding performance at heat up to 1200° F (650℃). The standard thickness including ¼", ½" , 1" and others. This ESONE mat offers superior sound absorption propertity and strong resistance [...]

Modified PTFE fabric for frying machine & contact grill

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Modified PTFE fabric for frying machine & contact grill Due to the severe working environment like high oil and continuously pressing, frying & grilling machines have high request to the non stick conveyor belts. If the non stick & tear resistant properties of the PTFE coated fabric is poor, then the [...]

Multi layer laminated Teflon coated fiberglass cloth

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Multi layer laminated Teflon coated fiberglass cloth, high tensile heavy duty belt Teflon coated fiberglass cloth can be laminated with multi layers PTFE fabric, which will highly enhance the tensile strength than normal Teflon coated fabric. This laminated PTFE fabric is made into heavy duty belting, which need long lifetime and high tensile strength, such as [...]

PTFE Tabber Stringer Belts(Solar Laminated Belts)

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PTFE Tabber Stringer Belts are also called as Solar Laminated Belts, which are laminated by two layers of  PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric. With one side brown surface, and other side anti-static property, this belt has super Non-stick and Anti-static surface, and long lifetime which is much better than one layer PTFE belt. Any sizes of holes could [...]

ptfe laminated belt

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PTFE Laminated Belt is made from two piecs of PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics,laminate them together in high temperature and pressure without feeling the joint. Why use it? Taixing Youngsun have the most advanced weaven equipment from Germany,which can weaven the seemless fiberglass or Kevlar fabrics . Compared to normal PTFE belts, PTFE laminated belt have higher mechanical strength needed for packing,laminating and [...]

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