Heat Resistant Cloth YS9020A-2

Heat Resistant Cloth YS9020A-2

Heat Resistant Cloth YS9020A-2, non stick PTFE release sheet

Heat Resistant Cloth YS9020A, weight is ranging from 320g – 430g, has less PTFE content than YS9023AJ or YS9025AJ, but the non stick property will be enough for some industry, like consumer goods BBQ Mat, Grinding Wheel Manufacture, luxury vinyl tile.


Heat Resistant Cloth

Heat Resistant Cloth


Difference between PTFE fabric YS9020A-1 and YS9020A-2

350 g/sqm Heat Resistant Cloth can use several fiberglass fabric as basic material, such as 7628 or 7638.

By using 7628 glass fiber fabric, the PTFE content will be higher than using 7638 fabric.

But for different industry, it doesn’t mean that high PTFE content will be better for customer’s applicatio


YS9020A-1 is using 7628, has higher PTFE content.

YS9020A-2 is using 7638, has lower PTFE content.


Technical data sheet of YS9020A-2

Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1250, 1500, 1900 mm39.5, 49.3, 59, 74.8 inches
Thickness0.20 mm0.0079 inches
Coated weight350 g/m² 10.32 oz/yd²
PTFE content28 %28 %
Tensile strength490 N/cm Warp281 lbs/inches Warp
445 N/cm Fill256 lbs/inches Fill
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F


Click here to download the spec of YS9020A-2-ESONE


Applications of PTFE coated fiber fabric YS9020A


YS9020A is using in many different applications, such as consumers goods, release sheet for flooring.


★   BBQ Mat

BBQ grill mat is a consumer good, which is selling in supermarket, TV shopping or Amazon.

This mat is non stick, heat resistant, easy to clean and reusable, by using PTFE grill sheet, your BBQ grill will be always clean. It saves effort of cleaning and grilling.


BBQ Grill Mat

BBQ Grill Mat


★   Grinding Wheel Manufacture

Teflon coating fabric YS9020A is a release sheet for grinding wheel manufacturing. Before production, YS9020A will be cut into different sizes to be same as grinding wheel.


Glassfiber Reinforced Teflon Seperator

Glassfiber Reinforced Teflon Separator


And grinding wheels production begins with the formation of a mixture of abrasive grits and resin.

Each log or tube is separated with pieces of PTFE fabric separators.

After the log is cured in a high temperature oven, the individual grinding wheels can be separated from each other because of the Heat Resistant Cloth separators in between.

The clean release properties of the PTFE coating and the strength of the fibreglass substrate allow for clean, reliable separation. The diameters of the die cut separators vary depending on the size of the end product.

Porous Teflon Fabric

Porous Teflon Fabric


★   Luxury Vinyl Tile


Luxury Vinyl Tile is a fast growing market which is famous because of the durability and aesthetic appeal. It has many competitive properties than traditional flooring options such as ceramic tile and wooden flooring.

The LVT base layer is formed through a heat and high pressure lamination of PVC crumb and glass skrim. PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is a best release sheet for LVT industry, since Teflon fabric is heat and chemical resistant during PVC melting process.

PTFE fabric for luxury vinyl tile

PTFE fabric for luxury vinyl tile


  1. Maira 2018年7月18日 at am11:31 - Reply

    Please send your price offer for YS9020A

    • ptfef1c8 2018年7月19日 at am10:03 - Reply

      Hi Maira, thanks for your comments.Our sales team will send the price and spec to your mailbox soon:)

  2. Avnish Jain 2018年7月19日 at am9:55 - Reply

    our pvc carpet production line need a PTFE conveyor belt, please send me offer and contact me.

    • Ms. PTFE 2018年7月19日 at am10:20 - Reply

      Hi Avnish Jain, for PVC carpet industry, ESONE is offering many solutions for more non-stick and longer lifetime!
      Our sales team will contact with you soon!

  3. Peter Chan 2018年7月19日 at am10:01 - Reply

    Is BBQ mat is using this material?

    • Ms. PTFE 2018年7月19日 at am10:17 - Reply

      Hi Peter Chan,
      Thanks for your comments.
      ESONE has several quality standard for BBQ Mat, and the surface is very rough, rough, smooth or very smooth(PTFE content is from low to high).
      But all material is FDA & LFGB certificated.
      Our sales team will contact with you soon:)

  4. NAJIB 2018年8月6日 at pm1:05 - Reply

    please contact me
    i am looking for teflon belting for oven conveyor application.

    • Ms. PTFE 2018年8月9日 at pm1:44 - Reply

      Hi NAJIB, thanks for your comment!
      We are manufacturer of Teflon belting with or without joint, any sizes & spec is available.
      Please could you inform us the sizes that you need?
      My colleague Vicky will contact with you soon!

  5. Ana Bola Mitra 2018年8月9日 at am6:48 - Reply

    we need teflon cloth for our hand sealer, is YS9020A-2 capable?

    • Ms. PTFE 2018年8月9日 at pm1:45 - Reply

      Hi Ana Bola Mitra, thanks for your comment!
      Yes, YS9020A-2 may be workable, but could you kindly inform us the size that you need?
      Maybe we could find a better material for your application.
      Our sales team will contact with you soon!

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