PTFE coating fiberglass fabric YS9025BJ

////PTFE coating fiberglass fabric YS9025BJ

PTFE coating fiberglass fabric YS9025BJ

PTFE coating fiberglass fabric YS9025BJ

PTFE coating fiberglass fabric YS9025BJ, 0.25mm Anti-static release sheet & belt.

Anti-static PTFE Fiberglass Fabric is coated with specially formulated black PTFE, these fabrics eliminate static electricity during operation,

Static can be created by friction or other connection, it will collect electric and dust which may destroy electrical component parts, and it will affect the release due to the electrostatic adsorption.

This conductive PTFE coating fiberglass fabric offers excellent thermal conductivity to dissipate surface static, it is widely used in apparel, electron industry as conveyor belts or release sheet.

PTFE coating fiberglass fabric

Properties of PTFE coating fiberglass fabric Anti-static YS9025BJ

  • Easy to release, non stick surface
  • Heat resistant to 500F
  • Dimensional stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Excellent belting material
  • Anti-static, surface resistance is 10^7 to 10^5 OHMS/m²

Specifications of Teflon conductive glass fabric YS9025BJ

Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1250, 1500,
2000, 2600 mm
39.5, 49.3, 59.1,
78.8, 102.4 inches
Thickness0.25 mm0.0098 inches
Coated weight530 g/m² 15.63 oz/yd²
PTFE content62 %62 %
Surface resistance10^7 to 10^5 OHMS/m²10^7 to 10^5 OHMS/m²
Tensile strength460 N/cm Warp263 lbs/inches Warp
400 N/cm Warp229 lbs/inches Fill
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F

Click here to download the TDS of YS9025BJ-ESONE

Do you want higher quality?

In order for highly increasing the non stick and lifetime property, ESONE is also modifying the YS9025BJ, click the button to know more about the YS9025BJ-M-ESONE

Applications of Teflon conductive glass fabric YS9025BJ

ESONE Teflon coated glass cloth is widely used as non stick release sheet in PV module vacuum lamination process, or used as conveyor belts for half cell welding machines. Since PV industry has very high request for the smooth surface, lifetime, mechanical and release property of PTFE coated fabric, so the performance of Teflon coating fabric will be a critical factor for maximum the production up time, and increasing the quality of the module.

Thermal lamination is a typical process for producing lightweight and high performance composited material in automotive industry.

ESONE PTFE coating fiberglass fabric is a important aid for the lamination operations of decorative material, organo sheet, molten polymers, adhesives and others. These PTFE coated fabric is used as release sheet or conveyor belt due to the excellent temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and easy release surface. ESONE release solutions will ensure the excellent surface of finish product and maximum the output & machine productivity.

ESONE defect free and smooth PTFE coated fabric offer long lasting release property, we are your reliable partner for high performance product.

What can be made by using ESONE PTFE coated fabric

  • Dashboards
  • Door Carrier
  • Door Wells
  • Glove Compartments
  • Parcel Shelves
  • NVH Parts
  • Carbon Fiber Composites

Carbon Fiber Composites in automotive industry like doors, side mirror, hoods and life-gates are the easiest options to reduce the weight of vehicle, and other significant options such as seats, under-tray, instruments, engine covers is expected to nearly double usage from 2015 to 2020.

ESONE PTFE coating fiberglass fabric is used as release sheet or release belt in the production of carbon fiber prepreg, such as heat press processing, vacuum bagging system and others.

By using PTFE bleeder cloth, the carbon fiber prepreg will have a excellent shiny surface or a textured surface, for example, PTFE coated fabric industrial series is used for the manufacturing of carbon fiber sports equipment in order to increase the skin friction.

  • Rubber extrusion and curing

ESONE Teflon coated glass cloth are a perfect solution for the rubber extrusion and curing line. Our product widely used in the manufacture of rubber profiles, ESONE PTFE belts can continuous working below 260°C and offer excellent release during curing and cooling of PVC, PU, PE or others.

The non stick surface means that nothing will be left on the Teflon belt, this belt will transfer rubber through the microwave oven or electric oven for curing process and the rubber will has excellent smooth surface.

  • PTFE coating fiberglass fabric for FPCB Manufacturing

FPCB is flexible printed circuit boards, which is a modern flexible electronic equipment types, using in printer, phones, camera and home devices.

ESONE Teflon coated glass cloth is the product of choice for CVL lamination, due to the excellent release property, high dielectric strength and mechanical strength.

  • Tissue Manufacturing

ESONE PTFE cloth YS9023BJ is also used as release belt for tissue manufacturing, due to the excellent non stick surface and heat resistant property, this release belt is used for easy release in the sealing packaging of tissue box.

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