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Modified PTFE fabric for frying machine & contact grill

2022-03-20T20:41:17+08:00By |Categories: Blog|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Modified PTFE fabric for frying machine & contact grill Due to the severe working environment like high oil and continuously pressing, frying & grilling machines have high request to the non stick conveyor belts. If the non stick & tear resistant properties of the PTFE coated fabric is poor, then the [...]

PTFE high temp cloth YS9030AJ for compression moulding

2018-11-26T23:37:08+08:00By |Categories: Products, PTFE Fabric Premium, PTFE Fabrics|Tags: , , , |

PTFE high temp cloth, sheet and belt for compression moulding Compression moulding is a cost effective production way for processing high strength and light weight composites material. ESONE PTFE high temp cloth is a heat resistant release sheet and release belt for compression moulding, it is used as a processing aid during bonding, converting [...]

PTFE Glass Fiber YS9035AJ

2017-12-02T21:44:48+08:00By |Categories: Products, PTFE Fabrics, PTFE Heavy Belt|Tags: , , , |

PTFE Glass Fiber YS9035AJ, release sheet for lamination of plywood, solar cells,  automotive composite and so on PTFE Glass Fiber is the release sheet or belt for process like lamination, vulcanization, heat-press, insulation and drying, which touch the final product directly, so the property of the surface and the durability of the material, will be related to [...]

PTFE coated fiberglass For Textile Manufacturing

2017-11-05T10:25:20+08:00By |Categories: Applications, Products, Textile Manufacturing|Tags: , , |

PTFE coated fiberglass is used in many processes of Textile manufacturing PTFE coated fiberglass is used in the digital printing and drying, garment fusing, lamination of textile, process of woven or non woven fabric, applications of casting or curing, flooring mat manufacturing and so on. The selection of PTFE fabric is according to the application of [...]

PTFE Heavy Belt

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PTFE Heavy Belt, great release and long lifetime for flooring, textile, wood industry. PTFE Heavy Belt, with special formulated PTFE(Teflon) coating and fine weaved fiberglass fabric, is used as release liners or belts for various flooring applications. Since PTFE heavy belting can withstand high temperatures, and is non stick, chemical resistant and has strong tensile strength, so PTFE [...]

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