PTFE Glass Fiber YS9035AJ

////PTFE Glass Fiber YS9035AJ

PTFE Glass Fiber YS9035AJ

PTFE Glass Fiber YS9035AJ, release sheet for lamination of plywood, solar cells,  automotive composite and so on

PTFE Glass Fiber is the release sheet or belt for process like lamination, vulcanization, heat-press, insulation and drying, which touch the final product directly, so the property of the surface and the durability of the material, will be related to the quality of product and cost of production closely.


PTFE glass fiber

PTFE glass fiber


Performance of PTFE Glass Fiber heavy belt series


   Smooth surface, excellent release

PTFE coated glass fabrics heavy belt series YS9035AJ, has high PTFE content, which is 62%.

And the surface of YS9035AJ is smooth and shiny.


★   Durability

Fiberglass 7638 coated with high PTFE, which makes this fabric has high tensile strength and good durability.

The property of Teflon coated fiberglass reduce the production cost for customers, and increased the quality of the product.



   High working temperature.

PTFE coated fiberglass can continuous working from -73°C – +260°C, and the maximum working temperature is +327°C(short term).


   Chemical resistant

PTFE fiberglass fabric YS9035AJ can resist chemical in plywood, solar cells and so on, apply to drying, vulcanization and other wet and corrosive environment.



Applications of PTFE Fiberglass YS9035AJ


   Photovoltaic cells production and module lamination

PTFE glass fiber YS9035AJ was used as release sheet in the PV module vacuum lamination process.

The quality of PTFE fabric will be a critical factor for maximum the production uptime, and increasing the quality of module.

Click here to access PTFE glass fabric for Photovoltaic industry.

PTFE Glass for module lamination and cell welding

PTFE Glass for module lamination and cell welding


   Lamination of plywood and wood processing

Same as the production of solar cells, PTFE glass cloth is also used as release sheet for lamination of plywood and wood processing.

Due to the high working temperature of lamination, PTFE fiberglass is the perfect solution for release.

PTFE glass cloth for lamination of plywood

PTFE glass cloth for lamination of plywood


   Automotive composite manufacturing

With high temperature and abrasion resistance, PTFE coated glass cloth is working as release sheet in the production of automotive composite, which is light weight and high strength. Such as RMT, GMT, SMC(sheet molding compound).

Auto seat, front ends, door carrier, parcel shelf, arm resting parts will use PTFE coated fabric with or without adhesive for excellent release.


Teflon coating fabrics for SMC, GMT, RMT laminating

Teflon coating fabrics for SMC, GMT, RMT laminating


Technical Data Sheet of Teflon coated glass YS9035AJ


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1500, 2000, 2600mm39.5, 59.1, 78.8, 102.4 inches
Thickness0.35 mm0.0138 inches
Coated weight680 g/m²20 oz/yd²
PTFE content62 %62 %
Tensile strength540 N/cm Warp176 lbs/inches Warp
508 N/cm Warp290 lbs/inches Fill
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F


Click here to download the TDS of YS9035AJ-ESONE

YS9035BJ has same data sheet with YS9035AJ, but is specially formulated into Anti-static

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