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PTFE porous sheet YS9040P

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PTFE porous sheet YS9040P with high mechanical strength PTFE porous sheet has good non stick property while maintain the porous property of fabric. And PTFE porous sheet YS9040P has high tensile strength since ESONE is using satin weaved fiberglass fabric as basic material, this porous fabric is widely use in flooring industry, carbon fiber composited [...]

PTFE Glass Fiber YS9035AJ

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PTFE Glass Fiber YS9035AJ, release sheet for lamination of plywood, solar cells,  automotive composite and so on PTFE Glass Fiber is the release sheet or belt for process like lamination, vulcanization, heat-press, insulation and drying, which touch the final product directly, so the property of the surface and the durability of the material, will be related to [...]

Vacuum Bagging Bleeder Cloths

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Vacuum Bagging Bleeder Cloths, used for Aircraft composites manufacturing Vacuum Bagging Bleeder Cloths, make of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric with low level of PTFE content, which has a higher porosity than normal PTFE coated fabric. In this case, air and extra resin will be allowed for passing through the bleeder cloths. This fabric is used as release [...]

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