PTFE porous sheet YS9040P

////PTFE porous sheet YS9040P

PTFE porous sheet YS9040P

PTFE porous sheet YS9040P with high mechanical strength

PTFE porous sheet has good non stick property while maintain the porous property of fabric. And PTFE porous sheet YS9040P has high tensile strength since ESONE is using satin weaved fiberglass fabric as basic material, this porous fabric is widely use in flooring industry, carbon fiber composited industry, aerospace industry and others.

Porosity and non stick surface is two contradictory property in manufacturing PTFE porous fabric, if too much PTFE content, then the porosity will be reduced, on the contrary, the porosity will be increased if lower PTFE content, so it is very important to find the balance to offer best product for customer’s applications.

What’s more, PTFE content also affect the mechanical strength of PTFE fabric, it is because the strength of fiberglass will be reduced when coating PTFE in high temperature, so more times coating, then the strength will be weeker. In this case, ESONE is using special formula and coating ways to maintain high mechanical strength, in order to offer long lasting PTFE porous sheet.

ESONE high tensile porous Teflon sheet is the reliable partner for your application.

Specification of PTFE porous sheet YS9040P

ProductProduct CategoryCoating
Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000 mm39.5 inches
Thickness0.40 mm0.016 inches
Coated weight650 g/m² 19.2 oz/yd²
PTFE content35 %35 %
Porosity30-60 cfm30-60 cfm
Tensile strength750 N/cm Warp429 lbs/inches Warp
580 N/cm Fill331 lbs/inches Warp
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F

YS9040P has higher mechanical strength than common porous fabric because of the different weaving way of fiberglass.

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Applications of PTFE porous fabric YS9040P

  • Carbon fiber Laptop

Without doubt, carbon fiber laptop is the lightest laptop in the world, this material can be used to build race cars, aircraft, road bike, sports equipment, musical instruments and many other things.

Comparing to aluminum, carbon fiber composite is much more strong and stiff while aluminum is a soft metal, carbon fiber has a lower density than aluminum also, it is commonly used in military and aircraft industry to meet the extreme high demanding request.

YS9040P is used as release sheet for carbon fiber composited, in order to resist the continuously high pressure and high temperature while maintain the easy release surface.

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  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) manufacturing

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a fast growing market which is famous because of the durability and aesthetic appeal. It has many competitive properties than traditional flooring options such as ceramic tile and wooden flooring.

The LVT base layer is formed through a heat and high pressure lamination of PVC crumb and glass skrim. YS9040P PTFE porous sheet is a best release sheet for LVT industry, since Teflon porous fabric is heat resistant, chemical resistant and is porous during PVC melting process.

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