PTFE Thread Seal Tape 12BS

////PTFE Thread Seal Tape 12BS

PTFE Thread Seal Tape 12BS

PTFE Thread Seal Tape is an ideal material for pipe fitting which is adopted imported raw materials and advanced technology , and preciselly produced according with international standard. With top quality and complete specifications,our PTFE thread seal tape can satisfy various user’s demand. Also with excellent insulation of high- and low- temperature and acid- and alkali-resistant features, it is widely used in sealing and locking the threads of water, air and oil conduit. It is available in different size as per customer’s request.
·Heat resistance:+370ºC
·Cold resistance:-190ºC
·Tensile Strengths:>8N/mm2
·Elongation: >25%
PTFE Thread Seal Tape

PTFE Thread Seal Tape 12BS

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