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Fiberglass Needle Mat

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Fiberglass Needle Mat Fiberglass Needle Mat (ESONE Temp mat) is a needled and bonded glass fiber insulation flat blanket of well-proportioned density, which provides reliable and outstanding performance at heat up to 1200° F (650℃). The standard thickness including ¼", ½" , 1" and others. This ESONE mat offers superior sound absorption propertity and strong resistance [...]

34oz Teflon coated glass fabric

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Teflon coated glass fabric 34oz, long lasting PTFE fabric for insulation jacket Teflon coated glass fabric 34oz, is using heavy weight fiberglass than 16.5oz or 18oz PTFE fabric. This Teflon fabric is designed for long lasting insulation jacket. Compared to 16.5oz Teflon fabric, 34oz Teflon coated fabric has stronger tensile strength, is much more easier to [...]

fluorin rubber coated glass fabrics

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Description: Youngsun fiberglass coated with fluorin rubber is a fire new material, which have a good capacity of temperature and corrosion resistance and have numerous applications. Fluorin rubber fiberglass features a good temperature resistance up to 300∩, the property ensure this material could bear all kinds of heat lube, fuel and grease etc. It also have [...]

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