Stringer Belts

Stringer Belts, 2-layers PTFE belts for tabber stringer machine

Stringer Belts are laminated with 2 layers of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, which is continuous running straightly, has higher dimensional stability, longer lifetime and better performance than normal PTFE belt.


This belt is designed for tabber and stringer machine, which can withstand high working temperature, has easy release surface, and the holes can be customized punched in order for a constant vacuum.


Stringer Belts

Stringer Belts


Advantages of Stringer Belts


 Dimensional stability


Stringer belt will continuous working in tabber and stringer machines 24 hours, and it is used to soldering strings by 12 ribbons on tested cells.

In this case, the dimensional stability of stringer belts will be very important, it will affect the straightness of the welding ribbon after processing.


PTFE welding belt

PTFE welding belt


 Continuous running straightly


In order to enable precise overlay of main bus bar and welding ribbon, the stringer belt is requested to running straightly continuously.


 Heat resistant and non stick


PTFE coated fiberglass fabric can continuous working under 260°C (500°F).

The perfect non stick surface will make cell easily release from the belt.


 Anti-static surface


Stringer belts are laminated with one normal PTFE fabric and one black anti-static PTFE fabric, which will protect cell from static during processing.


 Customized punched holes for constant vacuum


PTFE stringer belt can be punched into 2 holes / 4 holes / 8 holes & etc per line, the hole size and position can be customized.


PTFE stringer belt

PTFE stringer belt


2 layer PTFE belt

2 layer PTFE belt


ptfe coated fiberglass belt

ptfe coated fiberglass belt


PTFE tabber and stringer belt

PTFE tabber and stringer belt


Specification of Tabber and Stringer belt


Thickness:  0.26mm, laminated with 2 layers of 0.13mm (5mil) PTFE coated fabric.


Standard size of Stringer Belts:

200mm x 3509mm

200mm x 4400mm

200mm x 6008mm


Click here to access PTFE Endless Belt for Tabber and Stringer machine


  1. Sherry 2018年7月18日 at am11:48 - Reply

    Please send price offer for 200*3509 laminated stringer belt

    • ptfef1c8 2018年7月19日 at am10:10 - Reply

      Hi Sherry, ESONE’s stringer belt is laminated by 2 layers of PTFE fabric, which makes this belt has longer lifetime than normal 1 layer belt.
      And we can customize the holes sizes with your request.
      Our sales team will contact with you soon:)

  2. Cassim PEER 2018年8月16日 at pm6:29 - Reply

    Please send me a sample of your 0.26 PTFE stringer Belt.
    My belt is 75mm and what is my best punch option with the smallest hole diameter.

    • Ms. PTFE 2018年8月17日 at am9:47 - Reply

      Hi Cassim, thanks for your comment!
      Please could you inform us the perimeter of the belt?
      Our sales team will contact with you soon.

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