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Teflon Sheet Adhesive YS7030AJ

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Teflon Sheet Adhesive YS7030AJ, long-lasting PTFE adhesive fabrics Teflon Sheet Adhesive YS7030AJ, with 0.35mm total thickness, has an easy release and long-lasting performance. The basic material is YS9030AJ, which has an excellent release surface and high mechanical strength, and the silicone pressure adhesive on the back is heat resistant and long-lasting. Teflon Sheet Adhesive [...]

Teflon tape adhesive YS7010W

2018-08-21T09:28:20+08:00By |Categories: Products, PTFE Adhesive, PTFE Adhesive Fabric Industrial|Tags: , , , |

Teflon tape adhesive industrial series, has easy release surface and cost-effective property. Teflon tape adhesive YS7010W is using PTFE fabric industrial series as basic material, and coated with silicone pressure adhesive. This tape has good release surface and cost-effective property, widely used in Packaging, polybag sealing, wire and cable insulation, LCD/FPCB/PCB bonding release, laminating of PVC [...]

Teflon coated Fiberglass Tape For FPCB Manufacturing

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Teflon coated Fiberglass Tape, heat resistant tape for FPCB CVL Lamination Teflon coated Fiberglass Tape is using PTFE coated fiberglass fabric as basic material, and coated with Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) on the back. The PTFE(Teflon)(Polytetrafluoroethylene) coating surface provides excellent release property, and the adhesive side will make sure the stable adhesion in high temperature [...]

Tear Resistant Teflon coated Tape

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Tear Resistant Teflon coated Tape, release tape with excellent mechanical strength Tear Resistant Teflon coated Tape, is using high tensile PTFE coated fiberglass fabric as basic material, and one side chemical treated, in order for bonding Silicone PSA on the back. This Teflon tape with high mechanical strength has much longer lifetime than normal PTFE adhesive [...]

Teflon Skived Film with Silicone Adhesive

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Teflon Skived Film, long lasting, high elongation and pure PTFE self adhesive tape Teflon Skived Film, which is skived into even thin film from a cylindrical PTFE block. During the skiving, the block was fixed and rotate with a high speed, and the sharp blade will shave it into even thin film on a continuous basis.   [...]

PTFE Mold Release Tape

2018-09-03T11:10:01+08:00By |Categories: Aircraft composites manufacturing, Applications, Products|Tags: , , |

PTFE Mold Release Tape, used for Aircraft composites manufacturing PTFE Mold Release Tape, make of woven fiberglass coated with high quality PTFE(TEFLON), and back side coated with Silicone PSA. This mold release tape has higher tensile strength than normal self adhesive PTFE fabric. In this case, ESONE adhesive tape will be easily took down after repeatedly [...]

PTFE Zone Tapes

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PTFE Zone Tapes are custom tapes designed for Packaging industry PTFE Zone Tapes have custom sized adhesive strip on both edges, and the center is non adhesive as Free Zone, it is mostly used in packaging industry for heat sealing machines. Now Youngsun can coat Silicone adhesive or Acrylic adhesive on the edge, the adhesive width [...]

Self Adhesive Teflon Tape with Acrylic Adhesive

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Self Adhesive Teflon Tape, Easy Release surface and Heat resistant adhesive. Self Adhesive Teflon Tape, made of Woven fiberglass coated with Teflon (PTFE) (polytetrafluoroethylene), with one side coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive(PSA) or acrylic adhesive, has easy release(super non stick) property, which is the perfect solution for many industries that need high temperature resistant, heat [...]

Silicone Rubber Adhesive Tape

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Silicone Rubber Adhesive Tape Silicone Rubber Adhesive Tape, with special formula, this Silicone coating is very shiny and has high adhesive force, the release property is excellent and since it's very pure, the dielectric strength is superior. Youngsun's Silicone coated fabric is a great adhesive insulator in tough of environment, and has high resistance to most salts, non-oxidizing [...]

Skived PTFE Tape YS7913

2017-08-30T11:10:02+08:00By |Categories: PTFE Skived Film, PTFE Tape|Tags: , , |

Skived PTFE Tape, manufactured from high quality virgin PTFE resins. Skived PTFE Tape is manufactured from the highest quality virgin PTFE resins, and is designed to meet the requirement of most electrical, mechanical and industrial applications. Once the PTFE Film been skived from PTFE resins, it will be chemically treated or etched, which will remove the fluorine surface [...]

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