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Teflon tape adhesive YS7010W

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Teflon tape adhesive industrial series, has easy release surface and cost-effective property. Teflon tape adhesive YS7010W is using PTFE fabric industrial series as basic material, and coated with silicone pressure adhesive. This tape has good release surface and cost-effective property, widely used in Packaging, polybag sealing, wire and cable insulation, LCD/FPCB/PCB bonding release, laminating of PVC [...]

High temp Teflon tape YS7008AJ

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High Temp Teflon Tape YS7008AJ, excellent release sheet working below 260 degrees High temp Teflon tape is also called as Self adhesive PTFE glass cloth tape. The basic material is high quality E-glass, and coated with high content PTFE (Teflon), after that, PTFE glass cloth was chemical treated on one side, so that the Silicone PSA or [...]

Silicone Adhesive Tape YS7011AJ

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Silicone Adhesive Tape YS7011AJ, hot selling Industrial PTFE adhesive tape Silicone Adhesive Tape coated with PTFE, has anti-stick surface and heat resistant property, the basic construction is woven fiberglass fabric, which gives strong mechanical strength. This heat resistant and non stick adhesive tape allows for easy release, while making sure good mechanical strength and dimensional stability. ESONE [...]

Adhesive Backed Teflon Sheet YS7013AJ

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Adhesive Backed Teflon Sheet YS7013AJ, the best selling Teflon tape Adhesive backed Teflon sheet is widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronic, energy, food processing, packaging, plastic and polymer production, textile, PVC window and so on. And YS7013AJ is the best selling PTFE adhesive tape, since it can offer great release with reasonable cost, and is workable [...]

PTFE adhesive YS7025AJ

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PTFE Adhesive YS7025AJ, long lasting PTFE adhesive fabric PTFE Adhesive YS7025AJ, with 0.30mm total thickness, has easy release and long lasting performance. The basic material is YS9025AJ, which has excellent release surface and high mechanical strength. And the silicone pressure adhesive on the back is heat resistant and long lasting. Teflon adhesive sheet   Teflon [...]

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