High temp Teflon tape YS7008AJ

High temp Teflon tape YS7008AJ

High Temp Teflon Tape YS7008AJ, excellent release sheet working below 260 degrees

High temp Teflon tape is also called as Self adhesive PTFE glass cloth tape. The basic material is high quality E-glass, and coated with high content PTFE (Teflon), after that, PTFE glass cloth was chemical treated on one side, so that the Silicone PSA or Acrylic Adhesive can be bonded on the fabric.


ESONE Teflon coated fiberglass tape is widely used in process like Lamination, Heat-pressing, Vulcanization, Drying, Dyeing or Printing, Insulation and so on. Since our Self Adhesive Teflon Tape has excellent non stick surface and can continuous working below 260 degrees.


High Temp Teflon Tape

High Temp Teflon Tape


Performance of High temp Teflon tape


★  Offering long lasting easy release property

Due to the high PTFE content and the abrasion resistant surface, ESONE Adhesive Backed Teflon Sheet has easy release surface and can offer long lasting non stick property.


★  Continuous working below 260 degrees

PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape is a heat resistant release sheet, can continuous working below 260 degrees, and offering reliable release property in high temperature.


Tear Resistant Teflon coated Tape

Tear Resistant Teflon coated Tape


★  High mechanical strength and Dimensional stability

In order for working continuously under high pressure in applications such as lamination, vacuum bagging system, ESONE High temp Teflon tape has high mechanical strength and dimensional stability to resist high pressure in process.


★  Dielectric strength

Teflon coated fiberglass tape has strong dielectric strength, so Teflon tape is widely used in cable wrapping insulation, CCL(copper clad laminate) production, FPCB CVL lamination and so on.


Teflon Tape for packing industry

ptfe adhesive tape for packing industry


Application of Self Adhesive Teflon Tape


Aircraft Composites Manufacturing

ESONE PTFE coated fabric is used in the manufacturing of composite aircraft components, like mold release tape, vacuum bagging bleeder cloths.
Mold release tape is applied directly to the mold, allowing for a clean and easy release surface. And the porous PTFE fabric provides excellent release and is used as breather fabrics, allowing for air and volatiles to escape
PTFE fabric for composite aircraft components

PTFE fabric for composite aircraft components

Wind Turbine Blades Release

This application also use PTFE porous fabric and PTFE adhesive fabric. We customize PTFE porous fabric with balanced porosity & release property, and has high mechanical strength. For PTFE adhesive fabric, our mold release tape is easy release and has high mechanical strength, so that it can be reused many times easily.
Wind Turbine Blades Release

Wind Turbine Blades Release

Automotive Composites Manufacturing

-PTFE Release sheet for lightweight plastic/polymer processing like SMC, GMT and RMT.
-PTFE Release sheet for lightweight automotive components like front ends, underbody trims, door carrier, parcel shelf and auto seat.
-PTFE Release sheet with adhesive for vehicle cord fabric lamination.
-PTFE Bleeder cloths and PTFE mold release tape for carbon fiber car hood.
Release sheet for automotive composites manufacturing

Release sheet for automotive composites manufacturing

Electrical Insulation

-Youngsun PTFE coated cloth is used for electrical insulation such as aerospace wire wrapping and electrical coil and phase insulation.
-Our PTFE Fabric has excellent mechanical strength, high dielectric constant, strong chemical resistance and heat resistant to 500°F/260°C.
-Youngsun PTFE fabrics are also used as linings for the coils of superconducting magnets in order for reducing noise and vibration.
PTFE coated fabric for electrical insulation

PTFE coated fabric for electrical insulation

FPCB CVL Lamination

Youngsun PTFE coated fabrics are used as release liner for CVL (coverlay) lamination or quick lamination, since our material has high mechanical strength and offers excellent release and non-stick property.
Excellent smooth, easy release and defect free PTFE fabric will maximum the output in FPCB manufacturing process.
PTFE release sheet for FPCB CVL Lamination

PTFE release sheet for FPCB CVL Lamination

Packaging and Sealing

Youngsun PTFE belting is used as conveyor belt to prevent polyethylene film sticking on the surface. Our belt last long, offers quick replace and easy to use.
Our belts for food packaging and sealing are available in tear resistant and porous versions for flexible packaging.
Vacuum Sealing Package

Vacuum Sealing Package

Plastic bag manufacturing

Plastic bag is heat welded by high speed for sealing, and PTFE coated fabric or PTFE self adhesive fabric is a must use release sheet in this application.
Youngsun tear resist fabric or adhesive tape is also available for this application.
PTFE fabric for plastic bag manufacturing

PTFE fabric for plastic bag manufacturing

PVC Window and Door welding

PTFE coated fiberglass cloth has excellent no stick surface and can resist heat up to 260°C, which can prevent melted PVC from sticking on welding platens. ESONE's product is workable for all kinds of welding process, including RF and microwave systems.
PVC Windows & Doors

PVC Windows & Doors

Dyeing or Printing

Due to the non stick surface of PTFE Adhesive Sheet, ESONE product is used in Dyeing industry, in order for offering heat resistant and non stick surface.
Teflon adhesive tape for Dyeing

Teflon adhesive tape for Dyeing

Flame Spray Masking Tapes

PTFE self adhesive fabric, silicone coated fiberglass, fiberglass adhesive tape is used for plasma flame spray masking application, due to the heat resistant property.
Various color is available, and any width can be cut.
Flame Spray Tapes

Flame Spray Tapes


Technical Data sheet of YS7008AJ


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1250 mm 39.5, 49.3 inches
Backing Thickness
PTFE glass
0.08 mm0.0031 inches
Total Thickness
PTFE glass and Silicone PSA
0.13 mm0.0051 inches
Baking weight
PTFE glass
155 g/m² 4.57 oz/yd²
Tensile Strength
PTFE glass
104 N/cm Warp59.5 lbs/inches Warp
98 N/cm Fill56 lbs/inches Fill
Adhesion4.4 N/cm40 oz/inches
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-94 to +500 °F


Click here to download YS7008AJ-ESONE


For samples of High temp Teflon tape,  please feel free to contact us.Other Width is also available, you can contact us for more information

Note: Thickness Tolerance mm= ±%5


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