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Tear Resistant PTFE Glass Cloth YS9008AT

2017-09-04T17:29:57+08:00By |Categories: Products, PTFE Fabrics, PTFE Tear Resistant Fabric|Tags: , , |

PTFE Glass Cloth Tear Resistant, increased tear and crease strength property. PTFE Glass Cloth Tear Resistant, by coating with specially formulated material, and using special fiberglass with high mechanical strength, which highly improved the tensile strength and tear strength. This Tear resistant fabric is designed for aerospace industry, packaging industry, food processing industry, Tortilla production industry, [...]

PTFE Mold Release Tape

2018-09-03T11:10:01+08:00By |Categories: Aircraft composites manufacturing, Applications, Products|Tags: , , |

PTFE Mold Release Tape, used for Aircraft composites manufacturing PTFE Mold Release Tape, make of woven fiberglass coated with high quality PTFE(TEFLON), and back side coated with Silicone PSA. This mold release tape has higher tensile strength than normal self adhesive PTFE fabric. In this case, ESONE adhesive tape will be easily took down after repeatedly [...]

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