Tear Resistant PTFE Glass Cloth YS9008AT

////Tear Resistant PTFE Glass Cloth YS9008AT

Tear Resistant PTFE Glass Cloth YS9008AT

PTFE Glass Cloth Tear Resistant, increased tear and crease strength property.

PTFE Glass Cloth Tear Resistant, by coating with specially formulated material, and using special fiberglass with high mechanical strength, which highly improved the tensile strength and tear strength.

This Tear resistant fabric is designed for aerospace industry, packaging industry, food processing industry, Tortilla production industry, PVC door & window welding industry and so on. In order for generating longer lifetime than normal PTFE coated cloth.


PTFE Glass Cloth Tear Resistant

PTFE Glass Cloth Tear Resistant


Why use Teflon Tear Resistant Fabric


Teflon Tear Resistant Cloth is produced for applications in tough working environment, like continuous high pressure and high temperature, or used for minimize the downtime of machines, ensure the quality of processed product.

PTFE Glass Cloth Tear Resistant is typically used in applications requiring high-flex properties or belting applications with small diameter pulleys.


For aerospace industry, PTFE Tear Resistant Cloth is used to resist the high pressure during curing and laminating, also offers the non stick surface. Due to the high mechanical strength of this release fabric, the mold release tape can be reused many times.

PTFE bleeder cloth (Porous PTFE fabric) is also specially formulated in order for increasing the tensile strength.


PTFE Mold release tape

PTFE Mold release tape


For packaging industry and food processing industry, PTFE Tear Resistant Fabrics with or without adhesive, is designed for increasing the lifetime of release sheet, and guarantee the quality of the processed product.


PTFE tape for polybag manufacturing

PTFE tape for polybag manufacturing


For Tortilla production, in order to resist the continuous pressure, high temperature and oil leaking, PTFE fabric will be requested to have an abrasion resistant, tear resistant property, and a smooth surface without pin holes.


PTFE tortilla belt

PTFE tortilla belt


Property of Teflon Tear Resistant Fabric


  Superior non-stick surface, easy to release and clean
  Outstanding temperature resistance (continuous working from -170°C to +260°C)
  Non-toxic and compliant for food applications, FDA & LFGB certificated
  Strong resistance to almost all chemicals
  Excellent dimensional stability, strong tensile strength and tear strength
  High electrical insulating power, strong resistance to electric arc
  Resistance to microwaves, UV and RF and HF.


Technical Data Sheet of PTFE Tear Resistant Cloth


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000 mm39.5 inches
Thickness0.075 mm0.0030 inches
Coated weight135 g/m² 4 oz/yd²
PTFE content64 %64 %
Tensile strength190 N/cm Warp109 lbs/inches Warp
180 N/cm Fill103 lbs/inches Fill
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F


Click here to download the TDS of YS9008AT-ESONE

Tear Resistant PTFE Glass Cloth could be made into PTFE self adhesive Tear resistant fabric, or Anti-static tear resistant PTFE cloth.


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    Does your company have export surplus Damaged or out of the standard ptfe covered glass fabric?
    If you have please give me your price list please.

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    Can we be your distributor in US?

    • Ms. PTFE 2018年7月25日 at am9:32 - Reply

      Hi Kevin, thanks for your comment!
      Yes, you can absolutely be our distributor in US market, our sales team will contact with you soon!

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