PTFE Glass Fabric YS9011AJ

PTFE Glass Fabric YS9011AJ

PTFE Glass Fabric Industrial Series, with medium PTFE coating for cost effective property

PTFE Glass Fabric combines the excellent mechanical properties of woven fiberglass fabric with the easy release property of Teflon(PTFE)(Polytetrafluoroethylene). The woven pattern of glassfiber fabric ensures the tensile strength and tear strength, while PTFE coating guarantees its non stick(easy release), chemical & UV & heat resistant characteristics.


PTFE Glass Fabric

PTFE Glass Fabric


Teflon coated Fiberglass Industrial series


Industrial Series PTFE fiberglass cloth is also made of E-glass fiber, but is coated with medium level of PTFE content. This series fabric offering a good release property and cost effective price.

The popular specification of Industrial PTFE fabric is YS9011AJ, the thickness is 0.11mm, and the weight is 220g/m2.

YS9011AJ could be coated for one more time, which will result in YS9013AJ Premium series(with high PTFE content).


Property of PTFE Glass Fabric


  Non-stick surface, good release property.
  Can continuous working from -170°C to +260°C
  Non-toxic and compliant for food applications, FDA & LFGB certificated
  Chemical resistance
  Dimensional stability
  Good dielectric strength
  Resistance to microwaves, UVs and IRs and HF.


Applications of PTFE cloth Industrial series YS9011AJ


YS9011AJ is selling a lot into heat sealing, heat insulation, release sheet for heat press machines, non stick sheets for laminating, woven or non woven textile lamination, release fabric or tape for plastic bag manufacturing & bag sealing, non stick baking sheet or tray liners etc.

It can be cut into any width and any length, according to the needs of the equipment. The normal color is light brown or dark brown, and it can be coated with silicone PSA or acrylic adhesive on the back.

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Technical Data Sheet of YS9011AJ


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1250 mm39.5, 49.3 inches
Thickness0.11 mm0.0043 inches
Coated weight220 g/m² 6.49 oz/yd²
PTFE content48 %48 %
Tensile strength220 N/cm Warp126 lbs/inches Warp
180 N/cm Fill103 lbs/inches Fill
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F


Click here to download the TDS of YS9011AJ-ESONE

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For sample of PTFE Glass Fabric, please feel free to contact us. Other width is also available, you can contact us for more information.

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