Self Adhesive Teflon Tape with Acrylic Adhesive

/, PTFE coated tape with Acrylic adhesive/Self Adhesive Teflon Tape with Acrylic Adhesive

Self Adhesive Teflon Tape with Acrylic Adhesive

Self Adhesive Teflon Tape, Easy Release surface and Heat resistant adhesive.

Self Adhesive Teflon Tape, made of Woven fiberglass coated with Teflon (PTFE) (polytetrafluoroethylene), with one side coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive(PSA) or acrylic adhesive, has easy release(super non stick) property, which is the perfect solution for many industries that need high temperature resistant, heat insulation, easy to use and easy to release, reusable and cost effectiveness properties.


Self Adhesive Teflon Tape, with Silicone or Acrylic adhesive


The adhesive side can be coated with Silicone or Acrylic adhesive according to the applications.


The Silicone pressure adhesive(PSA) coated PTFE fabric can continuous operating between -70°C and +260°C, and Acrylic adhesive coated PTFE tape has better initial adhesion(tacky), enhanced solvent resistance and a continuous service temperature range from -40°C to +170°C.


Both of these two adhesive will have no residual adhesive on the product after using.


Self Adhesive Teflon Tape with Acrylic Adhesive

Self Adhesive Teflon Tape with Acrylic Adhesive


Specification of Self Adhesive Teflon Tape


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


PTFE Glass Fabric Self Adhesive Acrylic Series
StyleStandard Width(mm) 
Please ask for other widths
Backing Thickness
Total Thickness
PTFE Content(%)Adhesion
YS7008AJY1000, 12500.08mm0.13mm155683.5
YS7011AJY1000, 12500.11mm0.16mm220484
YS7013AJY-ESONE1000, 12500.13mm0.18mm270604
YS7018AJY1000, 12500.18mm0.23mm370554.8


Youngsun’s PTFE adhesive tape can be supplied as log rolls or slitted tapes. Standard log length is 50 meters per roll, standard width is 1000mm or 1250mm.

Other log width like 1500mm can be offered, and 30 meters or 100 meters per roll is all available.

Youngsun can also slit self adhesive PTFE tapes for you, any width you need can be cut.


ptfe adhesive sheet

PTFE adhesive sheet provide superior release properties and non-stick surfaces to allow machinery and equipment to run smoothly and efficiently


Release liner for Self adhesive Teflon Tape


For PTFE adhesive tape coated with PSA(Pressure sensitive silicone adhesive), the release liner will be PVC liner.

For PTFE adhesive tape coated with Acrylic, the release liner will be blue or white PE liner.

Youngsun also offer PTFE tape without release liner.


Quality of PTFE adhesive fabric


Youngsun can offer different quality grade of adhesive fabric.

Premium series, Standard series, Industrial series, Anti-static series or Acrylic series.


Properties of Self Adhesive Teflon Tape


  Excellent dimensional stability and durability in high temperature.

  Superior mold release property

  operating continuous from 70°C and +260°C

  Easy release, excellent Non stick

  Flame resistant

  High dielectric constant

★  Self Adhesive Teflon Tape can be Anti-static


ptfe adhesive tape

PTFE Adhesive Tape maintains durability at high speeds and high temperatures while maintaining a long service life.


Click the word to access Anti-static Teflon Adhesive Tape.

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