Teflon Adhesive Tape YS7013BJ

Teflon Adhesive Tape YS7013BJ

Teflon Adhesive Tape YS7013BJ

Teflon Adhesive Tape YS7013BJ is coated with specially formulated black PTFE, these fabrics eliminate static electricity during operation.

Static can be created by friction or other connection, it will collect electric and dust which may destroy electrical component parts, and it will affect the release due to the electrostatic adsorption.

This conductive PTFE fabric offers excellent thermal conductivity to dissipate surface static, it is widely used in apparel, electron industry as conveyor belts or release sheet.

Properties of Anti-static PTFE glass adhesive fabric

  • Super nonstick PTFE surface
  • High temperature resistant up to 260 degrees
  • High strength and dimensional stability
  • Eliminate static electricity during operation

Thickness Tolerance mm= ±%5
All technical data are based on average values. These values are based on test results we believes to be reliable, but they are not to be constured in any manner as warranties expressed.


  1. Mohamed Azman 2018年11月12日 at am6:05 - Reply

    Hi Madam/Sir,

    Need This Tape To Joint My glass cloth ptfe belt for my production line. please advise accordingly.

    also need some advise regarding the telfon tape with arcylic adhesive. Is it suitable to use for jointing glass cloth end together.

    thank you for your concern. need urgent reply

    • Ms. PTFE 2018年11月12日 at am9:04 - Reply

      Hi Mohamed, thanks for your comment.
      If you want to joint PTFE belt, then you will just need a welder and PFA film, our sales will contact with you for all details.

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