PTFE Tear Resistant Adhesive Fabric

///PTFE Tear Resistant Adhesive Fabric
ESONE® Tear Resistant Series PTFE coated fiberglass fabric with Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, has easy release surface, and high tensile strength and tear strength, it can continuous working from -73 to +260 °C. With back side yellow textured PVC release liner for ease of application.

Tear Resistant Teflon coated Tape

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Tear Resistant Teflon coated Tape, release tape with excellent mechanical strength Tear Resistant Teflon coated Tape, is using high tensile PTFE coated fiberglass fabric as basic material, and one side chemical treated, in order for bonding Silicone PSA on the back. This Teflon tape with high mechanical strength has much longer lifetime than normal PTFE adhesive [...]

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