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PTFE Zone Tapes

PTFE Zone Tapes are custom tapes designed for Packaging industry

PTFE Zone Tapes have custom sized adhesive strip on both edges, and the center is non adhesive as Free Zone, it is mostly used in packaging industry for heat sealing machines.

Now Youngsun can coat Silicone adhesive or Acrylic adhesive on the edge, the adhesive width is normally 5 mm wide for each edge, so both sides will be 10 mm adhesive edge, which will help you stick the PTFE Zone Tapes onto the sealing machines very easily.


PTFE Zone Tapes are available for applications where it is not desirable for adhesive to come in contact with a heating element.

PTFE Zone Tapes


Specification of PTFE Zone Tapes


The size and style of PTFE Zone Tapes can be customize, from the thickness of the basic material, the size of the adhesive and non adhesive width, the length of the zone tapes to the adhesive coating, release liners and so on.


PTFE Zone tape with Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive can continuous working from -73°C – +260°C (500°F), and Teflon Zone tape with Acrylic adhesive can work below 170°C (350°F).


The standard length of PTFE Zone Tape is 30 meters per roll. And other length is also available.

The adhesive tape could be one side adhesive or both side adhesive.

The basic PTFE coated fiberglass fabric can be 0.13mm PTFE Fiberglass YS9013AJ , Teflon Fiberglass Premium YS9008AJ  or any other thickness, the width of the tape is 40mm or 60mm normally.


Applications of Teflon zone tapes


Teflon zone tape is a heat sealer tape for heat sealing machines. It’s a custom tape designed for any kinds of sealing machines.

With adhesive on both side, the zone tape can be stick to the sealer very easily.

And different from Teflon adhesive tape for heat sealing machines, PTFE Zone Tapes have much longer lifetime as the heat sealing part is non adhesive.


PTFE adhesive tape for heat sealing machines

PTFE adhesive tape for heat sealing machines

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  1. Desmond Koh 2019年7月29日 at pm12:56 - Reply

    Dear Sir,

    Can you provide quotation for the PTFE Zone Tape with 40mm width x 5m. Both side 10mm adhesive and center 20mm without.
    Is for Impulse sealer use.

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