What is PTFE?
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a fluorocarbon plastic; that is, a plastic in which the hydrogen normally found in association with carbon in organic materials has been replaced by fluorine. This produces a number of remarkable properties, and PTFE is reputedly the most inert substance known to man. It was discovered and developed by Dupont™, whose trade name is Teflon®.
PTFE can be used to produce eigher PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics,PTFE tapes or PTFE belts.
How is your coating?
Youngsun uses PTFE in the form of water-based (aqueous) dispersion to coat flexible woven, and some non-woven, materials such as glass fibre cloth (usually referred to as glass cloth, or simply “glass”),  Kevlar® and woven wire. These high performance substrates lend the polymer additional dimensional stability and mechanical strength. Only materials which stand the very high processing and application temperatures can be coated. A variety of techniques can be used in processing to improve the tear strength and resistance to creasing of the finished fabric, provide conductivity (anti-static properties), or resistance to oil and fats.
How wide are your PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics?
It all depends on the thickness of the coated fabric you require. You can buy the majority of our Youngsun fabrics from 50mm – 4000mm wide. Please call us to confirm availability.
How wide can I purchase your PTFE coated fiberglass tapes?
We offer all of our Youngsun PTFE coated fiberglass tapes in any width up to 1000mm. Special sizes beyond 1000mm can be accommodated. Call for a quote.
How long are your roll lengths?
Our normal roll lengths are either 50mm or 100mm. Special arrangements can be made for longer or shorter length rolls. Please contact us for availability.
Can I purchase just a sheet of your product?
Yes. We can quote you on sheets of our products. We do, however, have a $100.00 minimum order.
Do you have a minimum order?
Yes. We have a $100.00 minimum order on all PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics, tapes, & belts.
What adhesive systems do you provide on your tapes?
We provide a silicone adhesive for operating temperatures up to 260℃. We also offer an acrylic adhesive system for operating temperatures up to 177℃. The acrylic adhesive is tackier than the silicone adhesive and can provide a better bond to your substrate.
What is the minimum width available on both your fabrics and tapes?
You can purchase our fabrics and tapes in widths starting at 13mm.
What is your current lead-time?
Our normal lead-time is 3 – 5 workdays after we receive your order. If you need your order shipped sooner, just let us know and every effort will be made to assure your order will be shipped in a timely manner.
How do I apply your tapes?
We recommend you use any type of alcohol based cleaner (non oil based solvent) to wipe down the substrate. Limit contacting the adhesive with your fingers. Any oils that may be on your fingers may affect the adhesion to the substrate.
Can you provide me a sample of your products?
Yes. We recommend testing a sample of our product prior to purchasing. Our goal is to provide you various product options for testing purposes so that you can determine which product best works in your application.
Can you ship overseas?
Yes. There are many carriers we use for overseas shipping.
What are your payment terms?
Our terms are normally 30% deposit ,70% against copy of B/L by T/T or L/C at sight.
What domestic carriers do you use for shipping?
Our most popular carriers are either TNT,UPS or FEDEX. If you have a preferred carrier not listed here, we will ship with whatever carrier you prefer.
What is the highest operating temperature for your PTFE  coated fiberglass fabrics?
All of our Youngsun fabrics have a maximum operating temperature of 260°C
How can I receive my order in a speedier way?
We offer a free stocking option to our customers that frequently order the same item and require a speedy delivery. If an item is stocked specifically for your company, we will ship that item out the same day we receive an order.
Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes. Please contact us with your requirements.
Can you drop-ship my order directly to my customer?
Yes. We provide a drop-ship service for your customers. We ask that you provide Precision Coating with your own Packing List so that our name is eliminated from appearing anywhere on your customers order.
Do you offer any products that eliminate a static charge?
Yes. We offer both an anti-static fabric or an anti-static tape.
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