cake pan liner

cake pan liner

Cake pan liner is made of oven liner and cut into cake mould sizes.

Why use cake pan liner?

If you use normal mould, it is difficult to take out cakes without destroy the shape of cake.
But by using cake  liner, it will be easy to keep the shape of cakes

How to use Cake pan liner?

Put this pre-cut cake liner into your pan
Baking at normal temperature

Proprities of cake pan liner.

Reusable liner have lifetime over 1000 times on each side.
Dishwasher safe, easy to handle and clean
Fits all electric gas microwave ovens

Main Specification of cake pan liner:

Color: brown, white, black
Size:  1. Liner diameter: Φ300mm for 6” cake mould(Φ150mm)
           2. Liner diameter: Φ360mm for 8” cake mould(Φ200mm)
           3. Liner diameter: Φ420mm for 10” cake mould(Φ255mm)
           4. Liner diameter: Φ465mm for 12” cake mould(Φ305mm)

Other specific sizes can be made according to your request.

cake pan liner

cake pan liner

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