cooking liner

cooking liner

Cooking liner comes from ptfe coated glass fabrics,which take full advantage of its non-stick surface and high temperature resistance characteristics.

How to use cooking liner?

The cooking liner will keep drips and spills from becoming marks that can be almost impossible to remove. After cooking, when you put the liner back to the oven, it may never need clean again.

For fat free cooking: reduce the amount of the oil in cooking, take the roll of cooking liner and the pan, cut a circle that will fit the base of the need for added oil and without compromising flavor.

The size can be cut according to the machine.

The properties of cooking liner.

●Cut to fit for any size use – template included
●Get the same results as professional bakers
● Made from a patented nonstick surface
●Bakes food more evenly,reusable on either side
FDA & LFGB certificated
●No greasing or cooking sprays needed (great for low-cal cooking)
●Safely transfer from freezer to oven or microwave
●Dishwasher safe for simple clean-up

The applications of cooking liner:

● Used for food pyrogenation.
● Used as toast sheet, oven liner,cooking liner,baking mat,hot plate liner,etc.

The specification of cooking liner:

● 9008-I, 0.08mm brown or black grill;
● 9013-I, 0.13mm brown or black grill;
●9008BS-I, 0.08mm, advanced black-grey grill;
●9013BS-I, 0.13mm, advanced black-grey grill;
●mesh grill, such as 1*1mm mesh size, 2*2mm, 4*4mm, 10*10, etc.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

cooking liner

cooking liner

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