Mylar Tape

Mylar Tape

Mylar Tape


What is Mylar Tapes?

This tape is made of Polyester with silicone pressure adhesive.

Could resist high temperature and is soft, smooth and thick.


The feature of Mylar film

– Heat resistant

– High adhesive force

– Soft and smooth

– No residual adhesive after using


The application of Mylar tapes

– powder coating industry

– stoving varnish with heat

– electroplate


Mylar Tape

Mylar Tapes is heat resistant, and has high adhesion


The Specification of the PET tape

– Color: Blue, Red, Yellow Transparent and so on.

– Basic thickness: 0.025mm

– Total thickness: 0.060mm

– Adhesion to steel: 7.0-10 N/25mm

– Tensile strength: 120MPa

– Elongation: 100%

– Heat resistant: 204 degree/30 min

– Length: 66m


Storage of Mylar Tape

Should store in normal temperature, 20-80%RH.

Lifetime is 12 months

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