17.5 oz Silicone coated Glass Cloth

17.5 oz Silicone coated Glass Cloth

Silicone coated Glass Cloth, high performance coated fabric for insulation industry

Silicone coated Glass Cloth, manufactured by Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics Co.,Ltd, has high performance property and cost-effective price. Our advanced silicone coated fabric is used in many different applications, such as insulation jacket, welding curtains, expansion joint, equipment cover and so on.


ESONE silicone coated fiberglass fabric can be fabricated, die-cut, easy to sewn and provide good performance.


Silicone coated Glass Cloth

Silicone coated Glass Cloth


Advantage of silicone textile fabric


By using a specially formulated dry or wet silicone rubber, and specialized weaved fiberglass fabric, ESONE silicone coated fabric and textile can not only offer superior heat protection, but also has exceptional durability and high resistance to abrasion and chemicals.


silicone coated fiberglass fabric

silicone coated fiberglass fabric


  Continuous working under 500F
  Chemical resistant
  Abrasion resistant
  UV/Environmental resistant
  Durability in severe environments
  Flexible for ease of use in pad fabrication
  Available in a variety of thicknesses and colors


Applications of Silicone coated fiberglass fabric


Industrial applications of ESONE coating fabrics and textiles, including thermal insulation jackets, welding curtain, expansion joint, flame resistant curtains and so on.


Most of our standard silicone coated glass cloth is used in industries such as welding, insulation, aerospace, automotive and petrochemical. And our engineer will adjust the formula, or using special fabric like Kevlar®, Nomex®, Nylon, Carbon, aramid blends, in order to meet the request of customer in different industries.


Silicone fabric Expansion joint

Silicone fabric Expansion joint


It is the perfect solution for industry like following.


  Removable insulation blanket

  Welding curtains

  Expansion joints

  fire protection curtains

  anti-corrosion sector

  Equipment covers

  Safety clothing

  Shrink tunnels

  Foam manufacturing


Insulation jacket

Insulation jacket


Shrink tunnels curtain

Shrink tunnels curtain


Technical Data Sheet of 17.5 oz silicone rubber fabric


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


17.5 oz Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass Fabric YS5045
Basic FabricSatin weaved fiberglassSatin weaved fiberglass
CoatingBoth sideBoth side
Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1500 mm60 inches
Coated Weight595 g/m²17.5 oz/yd²
Thickness0.457 mm0.018 inches
Tensile strengthWarp 2679 N/5cm300 lbs/inches
Fill 2009 N/5cm225 lbs/inches
Mullen Burst420 N/cm²600 psi
Flame ResistantChar Length 0.159 cm maxChar Length 1/16 inch max
Afterglow 1 second maxAfterglow 1 second max
Flame Out 1 second maxFlame Out 1 second max
Temperature resistance-54°C to +260°C-67°F to +500°F
Tear Strength22.68 kgWarp- 50 lbs
22.68 kgFill- 50 lbs


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Difference of Silicone coated fabric and PTFE coated fabric


Based on same satin weaved fiberglass fabric, silicone coated fabric and PTFE coated fabric has many same property, like low smoke, heat resistant, chemical & oil & water & environmental resistant.


But PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is more suitable for sever, outdoor, high temperature working environment, since PTFE fabric can work continuously under 600°F, and has better non stick surface (self cleaning in outdoor), also has better environmental resistance, so the lifetime will be longer than Silicone.


Relative to PTFE impregnated fiberglass fabric, Silicone coated Glass Cloth is more flexible, cost-effective, and has more color choice. It will be better solution for indoor, not high temperature, electrical industry.


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