Silicone toaster belt for VCT high speed toaster

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Silicone toaster belt for VCT high speed toaster

Silicone toaster belt, designed for AJ Antunes VCT Roundup Toaster

Silicone Toaster Belt is specially engineered for high speed toaster machine in quick serve restaurant industry.

These belts are manufactured from Silicone coated fiberglass fabric, designed to be non stick, easy release, oil, grease or chemical resistant. It can be easily cleaned and continuously working for food service.


Silicone toaster belt

Silicone toaster belt


Specification of Silicone roundup toaster belt


Standard size of silicone toaster belt
28.5 x 76.8 cm11.25" x 30.25"
28.5 x 69.5 cm11.25" x 27.375"
11.4 x 88.5 cm4.5" x 34.875"
22.5 x 73.3 cm8.875" x 28.875"
31.1 x 85.7 cm12.25" x 33.75"
34.8 x 81 cm13.6875" x 31.875"


silicone toaster belt wrap

silicone toaster belt wrap


Advantages of silicone belt wrap


  Non stick, easy release

Coated with high quality silicone, this toaster belt has excellent easy release surface


 With or without clip for easy installation

Clip is designed for easy installation, and can extend belt life and prevent belt slippage


Silicone belt for VCT 2000

Silicone belt for VCT 2000


  Continuous working under 500F

Silicone toaster belts are heat resistant under 500F


  Food grade, 100% safe

Material is all FDA & LFGB certificated, 100% safe to use


 Easy to clean

With non stick surface, nothing will stick to the belt, and the cleaning is very easy, only need warm soapy water


Equipment which need silicone toaster belt


 AJ Antunes VCT series high speed toaster machine

– VCT-1000 Series

– VCT-2000 Series

– VCT-1000

– VCT-20 Arbys

– VCT-20 Deluxe

– VCT-20 Deluxe with Heated Base

– VCT-200

– VCT-2000

– VCT-2000 Arbys

– VCT-2000 Wide Mouth

– VCT-2000 Sonic

– VCT-20CV

– VCT-250

– HCT-2010

– VCT-2010

– VCT-2010 Gen. 3

– VCT-2010 Gen. 4


VCT toaster machine

VCT toaster machine


Prince Castle high speed toaster machine

– TX-208

– TX-208BK

– TX-208BK15

– TX-230BKCE


– TX-230ECE


High speed toaster machine

High speed toaster machine


Marshall Air high speed toaster machine

– HST13

– HCT-2010


Cook’s Aid toaster belts are designed by Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics Co.,Ltd, and our belt is flexible, traceable and wear resistant.

ESONE’s silicone toaster belt offer a unique combination of release and grip property. It is food grade, FDA & LFGB certificated, 100% safe to use.

We are offering OEM service for any kinds of equipment including  AJ Antunes, Prince Castle, APW Wyott and Marshall Air.


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