Adjustable oven rack

Adjustable oven rack

Adjustable oven rack, non stick tray for any kinds of oven!

Adjustable oven rack is the perfect non stick solution for any kinds of oven. The perfect non stick coating will make food never stick to oven rack, and it is the excellent baking accessory for food like meat, pizza, bread, cookie and so much more.

Cook’s Aid adjustable oven rack has extendable handles in order to fit any kinds of oven. The lock on the rack will make extend or close much more easily.

Mesh(crispy) oven rack or Solid oven rack is available.


Adjustable oven rack

Adjustable oven rack


Why you need an adjustable oven rack?


Now you don’t need to put PTFE baking liner onside oven tray, you just need to make cookies directly on the adjustable oven rack.

And this rack can be adjusted in order to fit any sizes of oven, the lock of the rack will make it convenient to use and clean.

Crispy oven rack will make pizza, pastry very crispy. Solid oven rack will make cookies, bread even brown.


PTFE mesh tray

PTFE mesh tray


  Perfect non stick surface

With 100% PTFE coating, this oven rack will not stick any kinds of food.

The cleaning will be very easy, only need warm soapy water and wipe clean.


 Adjustable handles to fit any oven

This oven tray has two adjustable handles, and it can fit any kinds of oven in the market.

The lock on the rack will make it convenient to use and clean.


★ Crispy or Even brown

We are offering mesh oven rack and solid oven rack. The mesh rack can make food always crispy(it allows hot air circulation), and the solid rack will keep food even brown baked.

For crispy oven rack, Cook’s Aid has oven rack with different mesh sizes, it is designed for different food.

PTFE oven rack

PTFE oven rack


Specification of Extendable oven rack


Two standard sizes is available for USA and EU ovens.

For USA, the oven rack is 21” x 15.75”(53.5cm x 40cm) collapsed; 25” x 15.75” (63.5cm x 40cm) fully extended.

For EU, the oven rack is 15.75” x 11.8”(40cm x 30cm) collapsed; 19.7” x 11.8” (50cm x 30cm) fully extended.


Extendable oven rack

Extendable oven rack



For mesh(crispy) adjustable oven rack, different mesh sizes is available.

Like 1mm x 1mm, 2mm x 2.5mm, 4mm x 4mm, it is designed for the requirement of different food.


Click here to access more application of Extendable oven rack!


  1. Emilie Simon 2018年7月19日 at am11:58 - Reply

    Have you been selling oven rack to US market now?

    • Ms. PTFE 2018年7月19日 at pm1:41 - Reply

      Hi Emilie Simon, thanks for your comment!
      Yes, but we are now only supplying adjustable oven racks to QVC US now. If you want to sell to another channel, we will be very glad to help.
      Our sales team will contact with you soon:)

  2. Christian 2018年8月5日 at pm2:03 - Reply

    You have two styles of oven rack, one is with lock, another is without lock?

    • Ms. PTFE 2018年8月5日 at pm4:18 - Reply

      Hi Christian, thanks for your comment!
      Yes, now we are offering two choices, for the oven rack without lock, the open & close will be tight and price will be beautiful.
      For the oven rack with lock, the open will be easy, close will be tight and price will be little higher.

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