Teflon coated Fiberglass YS9012AJ

Teflon coated Fiberglass YS9012AJ

Teflon coated Fiberglass Industrial Series, cost effective easy release sheet

Teflon coated Fiberglass, which is a fluoroplastic coated glass cloth(or Armaid) fabric, has easy release property, strong chemical resistance and mechanical strength, widely used in Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Electronic, Packing industry and so on.


Why call it Industrial Series


PTFE fabric has so many standards to check the quality, like the surface, mechanical strength, coated weight and PTFE content.

And PTFE content is a important factor to judge the quality of Teflon coated Fiberglass, the normal content for PTFE fabric industrial series is from 35%-55%.

But it doesn’t mean if higher content, then better quality, because different applications have different request, sometimes industrial or porous PTFE fabric will perform best. But if the content is higher, than the non stick property will be absolutely better.


Teflon coated fiberglass

Teflon coated fiberglass



The properties of PTFE coated fabric industry


  Non-stick surface, good release property.
  Textured surface can be made
  Can continuous working from -170°C to +260°C
  Non-toxic and compliant for food applications, FDA & LFGB certificated
  Chemical resistance
  Dimensional stability
  Good dielectric strength
  Resistance to microwaves, UVs and IRs and HF

Applications of Teflon coated Fiberglass YS9012AJ


YS9012AJ has good and enough release property, relative to YS9011AJ and YS9013AJ. It’s a cost effective release sheet for different industry.

Such as packaging, heat sealing, digital printing and drying, PVC window & doors, plastic bag manufacturing and dyeing industry will need Teflon coated glass fabric YS9012AJ, or some applications which don’t have high request of the property of Teflon fabric, like PTFE oven liner, industrial PTFE tape.



Technical data sheet of YS9012AJ


Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1250 mm39.5, 49.3 inches
Thickness0.12 mm0.0047 inches
Coated weight245 g/m² 7.23 oz/yd²
PTFE content59 %59 %
Tensile strength230 N/cm Warp131 lbs/inches Warp
190 N/cm Fill109 lbs/inches Fill
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F


Click here to download the TDS of YS9012AJ-ESONE


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