stove top protector

stove top protector

Stovetop protector is made from cooking liner, and then cut into oven size.

Why use Stovetop Protector?

To save the trobles of cleaning floor of oven

How to use Stovetop Protector?

Cut the oven liner to your stovetop protector, and place it on oven floor and put shelf on it.
Use a damp cloth to remove heavy deposits and spills, and dry thoroughly before reuse.
Let the oven cool down before removing the liner.
Store flat and do not crumple up the oven liner.

Properties of Stovetop Protector?

Excellent nonstick surface.
High temperature resistant(up to 260degrees)
Dishwasher safe.

Main Specifications of Stovetop Protector:

Thickness: 0.08mm/0.11mm/0.13mm.
Color: brown, white, black
Size: 27cm x 27cm (2pcs/set ; 4pcs/set)

Other specific sizes can be made according to your request.

stove top protector

stove top protector

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