toaster bags

toaster bags

Toaster bag is made of PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics

Why use Toaster Bags?

Making toasted sandwiches can be difficult, particularly when you do not have the right tools or equipment with you.
There are definitely many troublesome aspects, the remnants of melted cheese in your toaster, or excessive grilling, which leads to slightly burning the bread.

How to use Toaster Bags?

Make your sandwich, then place it in the toaster bag and toast it like you’d normally do.


Superior onstick surface.
Reusable for more than 500 times.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Main Specification of Toaster Bag:

Size: 16cm x 16.5cm, 17cm x 19cm, 20cm x 21.5cm etc
Thickness: 0.08mm/0.11mm/0.13mm etc.
Available colors: Black, brown, light brown.
toaster bag

toaster bag 

Other specific sizes can be made according to your request.

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