Plastic and Polymer processing

///Plastic and Polymer processing
ESONE PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is used as release sheet or belt in polymer processing applications, such as the casting and curing of thermoplastics, like polyurethane foam, release sheet for welding of PVC window & door and plastic bag manufacturing. ESONE PTFE coated fabric with or without adhesive will be the best solution for consistent long-lasting performance and maximize equipment up-time, product throughput and product quality in Plastic and Polymer processing

Teflon coating fabric for plastic and polymer processing

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Teflon coating fabric, long lasting release sheet for plastic and polymer processing Teflon coating fabric with or without adhesive, is used as release sheet or conveyor belt in plastic and polymer processing applications. From the producing and curing of foam (like polyurethane foam), PVC window & door welding, plastic bag manufacturing, to rubber & composite polymer curing [...]

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