Teflon Bant with PTFE Rope

Teflon Bant with PTFE Rope

Teflon Bant is also called PTFE Belt, which is made from high quality woven fiberglass coated with PTFE resin. It is designed to operate in extreme circumstance of both temperature and chemical exposure. Teflon bant is an ideally choice for conveying products in a variety of industries, such as gas, electric, radio frequency(RF), microwave, infrared(IR), and UV conveyorized drying operations.

A guide system is essential for most PTFE belt, Teflon bant with PTFE Rope helpes belt run in a certain groove with PTFE rope inserted. This prevents belts from tracking off and extends belt life.


Low thermal mass

Controlled porosity

Superior nonstick surface, easy to clean

Exceptional strength and dimensional stability


Heating setting synthetic yarns

Drying machines for non-woven textile printing, silk printing and dying machines.

Baking and cooling for bakery goods and confectionary.

Garment fusing parts

Tissue side sealing

Conveyor belt for hot-air dryer and quick frozen machines.

We can make Teflon bant as per customer’s size.


Teflon bant with PTFE Rope

Teflon bant with PTFE Rope


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