Teflon cloth YS9025AJ

Teflon cloth YS9025AJ

Teflon Cloth Premium Series, designed for high request industry

Teflon Cloth Premier Series YS9025AJ, using basic fiberglass fabric of 7628 coated with high quality PTFE formula. The final PTFE coated fabric has excellent smooth and high gloss surface, which has superior abrasion resistance and easy release property.


Teflon Cloth

Teflon Cloth YS9025AJ is using basic glassfiber fabric of 7628 coated with PTFE formula.


Applications of 0.25mm Teflon Cloth Premier Series


PTFE coated Cloth provides a 100% non-stick surface for applications which need high temperature resistant, chemical resistant, easy release, low friction, insulation and so on.

Applications include release sheet for heat press machines, belting for food industry, Non stick baking liner or oven liner, electrical insulation and industrial processing.


0.25mm Teflon Cloth is FDA & LFGB certificated, can be used in direct contact with food.

It is also widely used as a releasing sheet and laminating sheet for solar cell manufacturing, PVC or PE mold release, garment fusing, conveyor belt for paper industry, belting for tortilla and so on.


Teflon conveyor belt

Teflon conveyor belt for paper industry or Tortilla


Teflon cloth for solar cell

Teflon cloth for solar cell laminating process


Properties of 0.25mm Teflon Cloths


   Non-stick and easy release

High gloss and low friction, result in excellent release property

   Continuous working from -70°C – +260°C,

maximum working temperature is +327°C(short term).

   Chemical resistant

   Good welding property, can be easily made into belts with joint

   Excellent tensile strength, makes the lifetime longer


Technical Data of YS9025AJ Teflon Cloth


ProductProduct CategoryCoating
Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1250, 1500,
2000, 2600 mm
39.5, 49.3, 59.1,
78.8, 102.4 inches
Thickness0.25 mm0.0098 inches
Coated weight530 g/m² 15.63 oz/yd²
PTFE content62 %62 %
Tensile strength460 N/cm Warp263 lbs/inches Warp
400 N/cm Warp229 lbs/inches Fill
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F
Click here to download Spec of YS9025AJ-ESONE
For samples of Teflon Cloth,  please feel free to contact us.
Other Width is also available, you can contact us for more information
0.25mm Teflon coated cloth can be made into Black Anti-static.
Weight Tolerance g/m² = ±5
All technical data are based on average values. These values are based on test results we believes to be reliable, but they are not to be construed in any manner as warranties expressed.


  1. Tayo 2018年1月2日 at pm4:20 - Reply

    Pls kindly quote for 0.25mm and 0.1mm of Teflon cloth.

  2. Bandas 2018年7月18日 at am11:42 - Reply

    Please send quote PTFE coated glass cloth for tortilla

    • ptfef1c8 2018年7月19日 at am10:07 - Reply

      Hi Bandas, for tortilla industry, PTFE fabric is continuous resisting high-oil, high pressure and high temperature, what’s more, PTFE belt will be running 24 hours, which requires PTFE fabric has excellent property so that it can be used for a long time.
      Our sales team will find the best material for you soon:)

  3. Steve Newcombe 2019年7月30日 at am3:31 - Reply


    I would like 10 metres of this product sent to NZ please.

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