Due to the long lasting, non-stick and easy release surface, heat resistant and superior chemical resistant property, ESONE PTFE coated fabric is used in the packaging industry and is available in various designs that are suitable for use with all heating systems including RF or microwave heating systems. Our PTFE material has been developed to provide the longest lasting and most consistent performance that maximizes productivity and efficiency for the UPVC welders. ESONE packaging solution is available as release sheets for V, flat and combined welding plates in sleeves and endless sheets.

PTFE Fiberglass Fabric for Plastic bag manufacturing

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PTFE Fiberglass Fabric, release sheet for Plastic bag manufacturing PTFE Fiberglass Fabric or PTFE self adhesive Fabrics are required to use in the process of plastic bags manufacturing. Because ESONE PTFE coated fabric can resist high welding operation temperature and offer a non stick surface, so the sealed bags can be easily released from the welding point. [...]

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