PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape YS7011A

PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape YS7011A

PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape YS7011A, made with one time coating 0.11mm PTFE fabric

PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape is using PTFE coated fiberglass fabric as basic material, and coated with Silicone pressure adhesive on the back, after chemical treated PTFE fabric.

Since there is two more process of making PTFE adhesive than PTFE fabric, so the quality of PTFE adhesive, is not only matter the material quality, but also the chemical treating process and coating process.


PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape

PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape


Performance of PTFE adhesive fabric


Silicone pressure adhesive tape contain non stick PTFE surface and heat resistant adhesive that allow for easy release, superior mechanical strength, long lifetime and dimensional stability.


PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape with silicone PSA is the best solution for application which has requirement for continuous and efficient processing, excellent bonding strength and long lasting performance at high temperatures (up to 500˚F / 260˚C).


The properties of PTFE coated tape with silicone PSA is as follows.

  Excellent dimensional stability and durability in heat.

  Superior easy mold release property, excellent Non stick

  operating continuous from 70°C and +260°C

  Flame resistant

  High dielectric constant

  Good mechanical strength


Teflon Adhesive Sheet

Teflon Adhesive Sheet


Technical Data Sheet of PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape YS7011A


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000, 1250 mm39.5, 49.3 inches
Backing Thickness
PTFE glass
0.11 mm0.0043 inches
Total Thickness
PTFE glass and adhesive
0.16 mm0.0063 inches
Baking weight
PTFE glass
210 g/m² 6.2 oz/yd²
Tensile Stength
PTFE glass
240 N/cm Warp137 lbs/inches Warp
200 N/cm Fill114 lbs/inches Fill
Adhesion5.4 N/cm49 oz/inches
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-100 to +500 °F


Click here to download TDS of Adhesive Backed Teflon Sheet YS7011A-ESONE

Color available: Dark brown, Light brown, Black, White

For samples of PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape,  please feel free to contact us.

PTFE mold release tape

PTFE mold release tape

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