Teflon Sheet for Hot Press Machines

////Teflon Sheet for Hot Press Machines

Teflon Sheet for Hot Press Machines

Teflon Sheet, transfer and release sheet for Hot Press Machines

Teflon Sheet(PTFE Sheet) is made of Fiberglass coated with High quality Teflon, has super Non Stick surface and can resist heat up to 260 degrees. Because of this property, PTFE Sheet is widely used in Hot Press Machines, Laminating Machines, Heat Transfer Machines and various applications. It’s very easy to use this Teflon Sheet, only need to wipe clean after finished, cleaning is much more easily, and resulting in an even and tight laminating performance.


Teflon Sheet

Teflon Sheet


Why use PTFE sheet?


1) Various applications:


  Teflon Sheet is widely used in Heat Press Machines, Laminating Machines and so on.

  It provides tight and even laminating of sewing applique, ironing, stamping, metal or polymer clay, electron component, tortilla and many other things.

  Teflon Sheets can be used as BBQ Grill Mat, Oven Liners, Iron Liners, Heat Press Sheet and so on.

 PTFE Sheet can also be made into PTFE Pillow and PTFE Covers, which is used for cover the hot press                     machines, reduce the buffer and result in even laminating.

 Teflon fabric is also used as Non-stick Conveyor Belts.


PTFE Sheet

PTFE Sheet


2) Easy to Use


Place Teflon fabric into the heat press machines, after using, only need to wipe clean the Teflon Sheets, it is totally Non-stick!


Advantage of PTFE release sheet:

★Superior Non stick surface, very easy to clean

★Excellent temperature resistance (from -70°C to +300°C)

★Food Grade

★Reusable for long time

★Any size can be cut to fit the application


Specification of Teflon craft mat:


Material PTFE coated fiberglass fabric(Teflon Sheet)
Thickness 0.08mm-1mm
Color Brown/black/white
Size Width of raw material is from 1m to 3m, it can be cut into any sizes, like 30cm*40cm, 30cm*1m and so on
Heat Resistant from -70°C to +300°C
Property Porous, Anti-static, Tear Resistant, UV Resistant can be chose


Click here to download the spec of YS9013AJ-ESONE, YS9015AJ-ESONEYS9025AJ-ESONEYS9008BJ-ESONEYS7013AJY-ESONEYS7015AJ-ESONE


During the lamination in the heat press machine, the release may be influenced by static, in order for avoiding the static damage to the electronic equipment, the Anti-static Teflon Sheet will be needed.


Click the word to access Anti static PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics.

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  1. evangeline 2019年6月4日 at pm3:08 - Reply

    good Day sir,

    Im in need of Teflon sheets of Sizes 1.1mts x 1.5 mts and the thickness is .55mm and .30mm. kindly send me the details of the availability as soon as possible

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  3. Novatech Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd. 2020年8月6日 at pm5:58 - Reply

    I want the teflon sheel for rolling machine to Stainless Steel plate rolling to protect the SS to CS direct contact. Size 1500mm width or 800 mm width.

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