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one side coated silicone fabric

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One side coated silicone fabric is made of woven fiberglass fabrics that have been coated on one side with silicone rubber.It is quite similar to PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics: good temperature resistance and electric resistance. Apart from these characteristics, silicone coated glass fabrics are more flexible and has a non-slip surface, unlike PTFE. These silicone fabric is [...]

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PTFE Coated Open Mesh Conveyor Belt

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PTFE Coated Open Mesh Conveyor Belt, replacing steel conveyor belt PTFE Coated Open Mesh Conveyor Belt, with a full range of open mesh belting products specifically for textile dryers. Our open mesh Belts are widely used for drying of screen Printed and dyed textiles at higher speed and higher temperature. Teflon belt mesh sizes of 4X4 [...]

Teflon Bant with PTFE Rope

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Teflon Bant is also called PTFE Belt, which is made from high quality woven fiberglass coated with PTFE resin. It is designed to operate in extreme circumstance of both temperature and chemical exposure. Teflon bant is an ideally choice for conveying products in a variety of industries, such as gas, electric, radio frequency(RF), microwave, infrared(IR), and UV [...]

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