Adhesive Teflon YS7015AJ

Adhesive Teflon YS7015AJ

Adhesive Teflon, non stick release liner with adhesive.

Adhesive Teflon is made of Teflon coated fiberglass tape with a clean release silicone PSA or acrylic adhesive.

The PTFE(Teflon)(Polytetrafluoroethylene) coating will offer non stick surface and easy release property, and the adhesive back will ensure the heat resistant adhesion below 260 degrees.


Adhesive Teflon has a yellow PVC liner on the back, which can protect the adhesive surface and to ease distinction and use.

Any width or length can be cut according to the applications,  such as heat sealer machines, covering elements, impulse wires, L-Bar sealers, Wire wrap insulation and harness protection.


Adhesive Teflon

Adhesive Teflon is made of Teflon coated fiberglass tape with a clean release silicone adhesive.


Property of Adhesive Teflon coated fabrics


Self adhesive PTFE tape contain non stick Teflon coated surface and heat resistant adhesive, like silicone PSA or acrylic adhesive, that allow for easy release, superior mechanical strength, long lifetime and dimensional stability.


PTFE coated tape with silicone PSA is the best solution for high request applications, which has requirement for continuous and efficient processing, excellent bonding strength and long lasting performance at high temperatures (up to 500˚F / 260˚C).


The properties of PTFE coated tape with silicone PSA is as follows.


  Excellent dimensional stability and durability in heat.

  Superior easy mold release property, excellent Non stick

  operating continuous from 70°C and +260°C

  Flame resistant

  High dielectric constant

  Good mechanical strength


Esone’s Self Adhesive Teflon Tape


Youngsun (ESONE) can customize tapes according to the requirements of different applications.


Custom adhesive — Silicone PSA or Acrylic adhesive

Custom color — Color of PTFE fabric can be brown, black, white, red, blue, green and so on.

Custom tensile strength — Tensile strength of adhesive tape can be enhanced for high request applications like wind turbine blades or manufacturing of composite aircraft components

Custom PTFE Zone Tapes — Esone can offer PTFE Zone Tapes , which has custom sized adhesive strip on both edges, and the center is non adhesive as Free Zone.


PTFE Zone Tape

PTFE Zone Tapes are available for applications where it is not desirable for adhesive to come in contact with a heating element.


Blue Self Adhesive Teflon Tape

Blue Self Adhesive Teflon Tape


Offering Skived PTFE Film adhesive tapes — Esone also produce Skived PTFE Adhesive Tape , which is pure PTFE film has excellent elongation.


Skived PTFE Film Adhesive Tape

Skived PTFE Film Adhesive Tape


Specification of Teflon coated fiberglass tape


Adhesive Teflon maintains durability at high speeds and high temperatures while maintaining a long service life. Frequently used in heat sealers, blister formation and form-fill-seal equipment as well as lining of guide rails, chutes and slides. Acrylic adhesive is also available, although silicone adhesive is our standard.


ProductProduct CategoryCoating


Standard width
Please ask for other widths
1000 mm39.5 inches
Backing Thickness
PTFE glass
0.15 mm0.0059 inches
Total Thickness
PTFE glass and Silicone PSA
0.20 mm0.0079 inches
Baking weight
PTFE glass
316 g/m² 9.32 oz/yd²
Tensile Strength
PTFE glass
240 N/cm Warp137 lbs/inches Warp
200 N/cm Fill114 lbs/inches Fill
Adhesion5.6 N/5cm51 oz/inches
Temperature resistance-73 to +260 °C-94 to +500 °F


Click here to download the TDS of YS7015AJ-ESONE



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    I would like to get a quote on the Roller YS7023AJ Tear Resistant Teflon Coated Tape.

    I Need this in a Roll Maybe 450 wide X 2 meter long .

    Please email back if you need more information .

    Please can you send a Quote on this item and + Shipping to Australia Melbourne .



    Eroll Allard

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