PTFE Fabrics Premium Series

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PTFE Fabric Premium Series

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PTFE Fabric Premium Series, high quality, easy release, super smooth surface PTFE Fabric(release sheet) is also named as PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, the basic fabric is high quality E-Glass fiber, and coated with high quality PTFE content, result in a better smooth, easy release and Non stick surface.   PTFE coated Fabric Premium Series   High [...]

PTFE coated Glass Fabrics YS9015AJ

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PTFE coated Glass Fabrics, abrasion resistant and high tensile strength PTFE coated Glass Fabrics is made from high quality glass fabrics combined with specially formulated PTFE content. 0.15mm Teflon coated fabric belongs to the Premium Series, which is made of 2116 E-glass and coated with high quality PTFE, the model number is YS9015AJ. PTFE Coated Glass [...]

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