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PTFE Tear Resistant Fabric

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PTFE Tear Resistant Fabric, increased tear and crease strength property. PTFE Tear Resistant Fabric, by coating with specially formulated Teflon(PTFE), the tensile strength, tear strength and crease strength all got improved. This Tear resistant fabric is designed for aerospace industry, packaging industry, food processing industry, Tortilla production industry, PVC door & window welding industry and so [...]

PTFE Heavy Belt

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PTFE Heavy Belt, great release and long lifetime for flooring, textile, wood industry. PTFE Heavy Belt, with special formulated PTFE(Teflon) coating and fine weaved fiberglass fabric, is used as release liners or belts for various flooring applications. Since PTFE heavy belting can withstand high temperatures, and is non stick, chemical resistant and has strong tensile strength, so PTFE [...]

PTFE Zone Tapes

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PTFE Zone Tapes are custom tapes designed for Packaging industry PTFE Zone Tapes have custom sized adhesive strip on both edges, and the center is non adhesive as Free Zone, it is mostly used in packaging industry for heat sealing machines. Now Youngsun can coat Silicone adhesive or Acrylic adhesive on the edge, the adhesive width [...]

Teflon coated Fiberglass Fabric Premium YS9020AJ

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Teflon Coated Fiberglass Fabric, high performance Premium series Teflon Coated Fiberglass Fabric using high quality and imported E-Glass fiber(alkali-free) as basic material, coated with high performance PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene) content to offer high glossy, extreme smooth coating.   In order to offer high performance, Premium series PTFE Fabric Premium Series , Youngsun will use special formula and add reliable material to [...]

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